3D madness at CES

Watching 3D movies and television shows looks set to be a big part of entertainment in 2011. That is, if all the 3D goodness at CES 2011 is anything to go by. We've seen plenty to suggest that 3D could be here to stay. Read on for some of the exciting 3D gadgets we've seen in Las Vegas so far.

3d tv.jpg

Toshiba shows off glasses-free 3D TV
With Toshiba's glasses-free 3D TV you'll no longer need to wear specs to enjoy movie and television content in the third dimension. It's a bit like looking at one of those 3D pop adverts you see in magazines, but on the telly. Nice to see the innovations we were dying to see this year at CES have materialised!

Sharp's super display: the stuff of science fiction
OK, so it's not quite a 3D gadget you can place in your home, but the Sharp i3 wall we saw today consists of panels that display a a 3D-like setting to make you feel as if you're in another world.

Sony Bloggie 3D: Pocket-sized 3D movie-maker
The Sony Bloggie 3D lets you make 3D home movies in high definition on the cheap, meaning whatever you're budget you'll be able to jump on the 3D movie-making bandwagon just like Hollywood.

Polaroid 3D glasses for specs wearers
Polaroid has developed a range of passive 3D glasses designed to accommodate an existing pair of glasses underneath. It's perfect for those with a hate for those uncomfortable glasses they hand out at the cinema.

Samsung's glorious 3D TV looks good on and off
It's not often we'd say this. But the Samsung D7900 is one of the few 3D TVs that look as good on as it does off. It's almost invisible bezel means your eye is solely drawn to what's on the screen of this fabulous 3D-enabled TV.