3D printing demo and lowdown: The Cube 3D Printer

3D printing is here with The Cube 3D Printer! The latest range of 3D printers from Cubify means you too can turn you ideas into a reality. We managed to get our hands on a Cube 3D printer and took it for a test drive. Watch the demo video and read on to find out how we go on...

3D printing may be in its technological infancy, but the Cube 3D Printer is a fascinating product to behold - and means you can turn your virtual ideas into 3D reality.

3D Printer


The Cube 3D Printer is the first consumer 3D Printer that is home certified and safe for use by children. In terms of usability The Cube is not half bad. It is fairly straightforward to set up - all you need to do is register online, activate the printer and load the cartridge containing the plastic that will then print your 3D objects. There are a range of apps allowing you to do a variety of things such as draw your own designs or even take a photo of an object to be printed.


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Size of the objects you can print with this consumer edition is around 5.5 inches3 - but the intricate detail of even the smallest objects is astounding. The first object we printed was a chess rook. Standing approximately 3 inches tall, its design included an interior spiral staircase that is visible through the minute doorway and windows.


                              Rook               Diamond


The Cube busies itself setting layers of plastic chord upon each other to produce intricately detailed structures including moving parts, hinges and links in a single piece - like this double diamond.

Compatible with both Mac and Windows, The Cube features WiFi and comes with 25 free 3D files designed by professional artists.

Products range from a simple golf tee to intricate rings to delicately designed guitars. The catalogue of items on the website is relatively small at present but this will only grow as The Cube attracts hobbyists, designers and the public, who are able to design their own prototypes and upload the data files to be shared with/ sold to the global community.

Rob Walker, Category Manager for Currys PC World said; 'Dixons are at the forefront of this exciting new technology and being at the cutting edge of this exciting new product, giving the customer to bring their imagination to life in 3D, ideal for learning & schools.and helps you turn your ideas into real stuff you can hold, like toys and jewelry and mugs.'


3D Printing


Around the world there are already some very ambitious plans for 3D printing including 3D food production and this Dutch architect who is planning on building a house with the help of a 3D printer.

The Cube 3D Printer will be available to purchase online at Currys.co.uk and PCWorld.co.uk shortly - click here to register your interest!