What’s the right type of storage for you?

Should you go with cloud storage, a portable hard drive or both? We’ll help you work it out…

19 Jun 2018


Right type of storage

Let’s start with the basics – what are gigabytes and terabytes?

As a rough guide:

  • 2TB = 1 million documents or 400,000 photos or 332,000 songs or 800 HD videos
  • 4TB = 2 million documents or 800,000 photos or 664,000 songs or 1,600 HD videos


Portable hard drive

In a nutshell: A small device that plugs into your laptop’s USB port, so you can access your work and entertainment

Top 4 benefits

1. No need to connect to the internet

You don’t have to be online to access files on an external hard drive. Just plug it into your laptop or computer and you’re up and running.

WD Elements SE Portable hard drive

2. Plenty of room for iTunes and photos

Have a gargantuan iTunes archive? Or heaps of family photos? A portable hard drive gives you oodles of space for your MP3s and holiday snaps without breaking the bank. You might need a massive 1TB drive with the WD Elements SE Portable hard drive

WD My Passport

3. One-time payment

Once you buy a portable hard drive it’s yours and no other payments are required – unlike cloud storage which often incurs a subscription charge.

Try the palm-sized and lightweight WD My Passport

SanDisk Ultra Fit

4. Portable by name, portable by nature

External hard drives aren’t the lumps they used to be. Thanks to new tech, they’re small enoughto be slipped in your bag.

Want to save photos and music on the go? Store up to 32,000 songs or 72,000 photos on the SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 128GB memory stick.


Cloud storage

In a nutshell: An online storage service that lets youaccess files from any device, anywhere.

Top 4 benefits

1. Open files from any laptop or PC

With cloud storage there’s no need to panic if your laptop is broken or you’ve left it at home. With the cloud, files are saved online rather than to your computer. You can pull up your work anywhere, on any device – be it on a library PC, your iPad in a coffee shop or at a friend’s house.


2. Say goodbye to version control

If multiple users are making changes to a document it can be tricky keeping tabs on the latest version. The good news is that new Windows laptops come with OneDrive – Microsoft’s cloud service – built-in. It works hand-in-hand with Office 365 so documents never go beyond one version.


3. Add more space as your needs grow

Are movies pushing your memory capacity? You can simply buy some extra space. That’s the beauty of the cloud – you can start small and add on when you need to. Cloud storage is generally bought on a monthly or annual plan in amounts of 100GB, 200GB, 1TB or 2TB – some services even offer the first 15GB for free.

Team Knowhow

4. There’s plenty of choice

Cloud storage is super flexible with plenty of options. Take our own Team Knowhow Cloud Storage. It offers 2TB and 4TB storage sizes, can automatically backup and allows for easy file sharing.

Check out Team Knowhow Cloud storage

Usually work on Windows? Then look at OneDrive. Chromebook users on the other hand might prefer Google Docs.


Should I have both?

Ideally, yes. Cloud storage may be versatile but its subscription charges are expensive. So, use it for essays, notes and presentations – these take up less storage space but you’re more likely to need them on the go. Back up space-guzzling movies and your music library to an external hard drive – it’ll give you more space for less money.

A NAS drive gives you the best of both worlds. It creates your own personal cloud without the monthly charge.


What about smartphone back-up?SanDisk iXpand

Snapping pics and videos soon fills up your smartphone’s memory. Make sure you can store content from your phone even when disconnected from the internet with a microSD card for Android and a lightning-connected memory stick for iPhone.


Use mobile storage drive to store any excess data you rock up on your Android device.

iPhone or iPad

Store thousands of photos and songs on the 64GB SanDisk iXpand Dual USB. Too busy to remember to back up? The memory stick can be set to do it automatically.

Seagate Gaming Portable Hard Drive

And for gamers?

Hardcore gamer running low on hard drive space?  Then check out the Seagate Gaming Drive – made exclusively for Xbox One and Xbox 360, it comes in 2TB and 4TB versions.

Check out the Seagate Gaming Portable Hard Drive in 2TB and 4TB


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