Celebs celebrate seven years of Twitter

Twitter has celebrated its seventh birthday - marking seven years of hashtags and tweets

21 Mar 2013


Whether you're a perennial snooper, a hashtag gamer or a prolific fountain of knowledge, the odds are Twitter has given you the perfect platform.


Believe it or not, the quirky, loveable network is now seven years old and while we all wish it a #happybirthday, the occasion can't help but make you wonder just how much time we've all spent tweeting over the years.

The first ever tweet was sent by creator Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006, and since then celebrities, businesses and us common folk have all jumped on the bandwagon.

A host of famous tweeps tweeted about Twitter to celebrate the anniversary - try saying that three times fast.

Popular users such as Gary Lineker, Fearne Cotton and Sir Richard Branson have shared their thoughts about the social network, which now has 200 million users worldwide, with 10 million in Britain alone, according to Twitter.

@GaryLineker, who has amassed 1,475,000 followers due to his tweets about the beautiful game and Match of the Day's running order, said: "I use Twitter for the knowledge, the news, the humour, the sport, the ability to eavesdrop on the great and the good, and above all, for the nonsense."

@Richardbranson, who has more than three million followers, said the network is great to communicate with people, draw attention to good causes and have fun.

Meanwhile, @FearneCotton added: "Twitter is my brain spilled out in text, mates I don't know, a great way of spying on people I love & a wonderful form of procrastination."

It's amazing to think about how many words can be wasted by people saying nothing worthwhile when just 140 characters can sometimes create pure brilliance.

If you want to see just how interesting, or not, your tweeted pearls of wisdom are you can head to Twanalyst.com and receive a free evaluation of your Twitter activity - just be prepared to read the word "unremarkable" if you don't put the effort in and "vain" if you do.

Figures have shown four in 10 tweeps actually don't send out tweets themselves, but just enjoy reading what other users have got to say.

Kate Bussmann, a journalist and author who wrote A Twitter Year: 365 Days In 140 Characters, said over the past seven years the network has changed the face of global communication.

She went on: "It's given us all the power to get our voice heard and to connect easily and instantly with other people who care about the same things we do - whether that's politics or sport, Justin Bieber or Downton Abbey. It's made the world smaller."