Christmas gifts under £100 - for boys

18 Nov 2010


Girls, you think too much. If you've ever sat doodling with glitter, stencils, stickers and ribbons to make him a beautiful card/photo album/scrap book as a gift filled with love and creativity only for him to politely thank you while reaching for the egg nog… read on.

In fact, if you think about it, you probably got the same reaction the Christmas that you gave him that nice new tailored suit, those CD's that he'd been talking about for ages or that new gadget all his mates raved about.

I think the trick to Christmas gift shopping for a man is to think like a man. So if you're after a reaction that mimics what he does when his football team just scored a goal, try these simple but effective boy gifts that are more along the lines of what he might buy himself! And at under £100 each, you can still afford to buy yourself some much needed glam this xmas.

Mini Bar Fridge
A no-brainer really, the mini bar fridge is a fun novelty for the guy who doesn't really need anything, and it's sure to come in handy when the boys are over playing FIFA on the Xbox all night. Stick it in the lounge to give him a bit of a sense of having a 'bachelor pad' (keep him feeling young and all that)... and that way you can slip your chocolate bars in there too so you don't have to get up during your films either!

Universal Remote Control
With this baby, all you'll have to do is make sure there are spare batteries and beer in the fridge and you're scot free to put on your dancing shoes and go out with the girls. In fact, he probably won't notice you for a while after you give him this universal remote for Christmas, so you can enjoy the quality time of the festive season with the rest of your family. This remote can be programmed to control up to 6 devices so he'll probably never leave the couch again… in fact, you may need your own telly in the bedroom after this, so you should probably take a look at our televisions section too…

Panini & Sandwich Maker
A man's best friend is a gourmet sandwich maker. Whether he lives by himself or with you, he can whip up a delicious sandwich or toasted panini in minutes, without piling the sink high with blackened pots and pans. It also means he'll be getting slightly more sustenance than a bag of Doritos provides.

Garmin Sat Nav
The latest Garmin sat nav systems have incredible technology and features that will make sure you never get into a tiff about directions again. With fast detour recalculation, traffic avoidance and a 'Where Am I?' feature that allows you to find the closest hospital/petrol station/junction etc, he'll only be lost for an excuse as to why he was late (obviously don't tell him this is a motivation when you give him the Garmin for Christmas)! He'll love the novelty functions that allow him to download quirky voices and navigate to geotagged photos. A very handy and nifty gadget for anyone who does any amount of driving.

Call of Duty: Black Ops
As one of the most anticipated games of the year, if he hasn't already got the new Call of Duty, he's holding out for someone to get it for him this Christmas. We've got the game for Xbox, PS3 and PC. Let him get the thrill of battle without the danger of leaving the house, plus you can get some peace and quiet and read your book, just don't expect the have the same bed time for a while!

Remember, we're looking out for a stand up with your knees bent, bum out, fist pump in the air and a 'yeah' response from your man this Christmas, so don't think about it too hard, just get him a guy thing. We wish you a jolly Christmas and helping-hand-around-the-house New Year!