Everything you need to know about iOS 11

The annual update of iOS from Apple places some great tools in your hands...

22 Sep 2017


Excited about what the latest software updates from Apple include? We’ve got the top features from iOS 11 and 11.1.


For the iPhone: 

Your pocket PA

Siri sounds more natural and is smarter than ever. Apple’s worked hard to create a more personal voice, and you can now decide if it’s a male or female voice that speaks to you. You can even type your questions to Siri and she’ll write back a reply (if you really don’t want to talk to anyone that day!).

Strike a pose

The new photo and video updates are fun, especially using Live Photos with new effects that allow you to create Loops, or Bounce, which lets you create a video that bounces right back to the start again on repeat.


  • More filters for photos and improved portrait options – which are more expressive
  • And the new storage format (High Efficiency Image File) of photos means that all your snaps take up less space on your phone


For the iPad:

The new Dock

Apple consider this a ‘foundational change’ because iPads are used as alternatives to laptops more and more. If you’re familiar with the dock on a Mac you’ll recognise the new Dock. It’s so easy to use – a simple swipe from any screen and you can open and jump between apps instantly.

Plus, you can:

  • Access apps on your iPhone or Mac from the right side of the iPad dock
  • Customise it - meaning that you can work faster as your device is working harder for you.

Multitask without dropping any balls

Using the new Dock, you can carry out several tasks at once by using Split Screen or Slide Over – which is great if you are a multi-tasker. Also, you can use Drag and Drop to touch and move attachments or images between apps.

The Pencil in your hand

If you have one of these for your iPad there are new features for you too, including:

  • Instant Markups that let you update PDFs and screenshots on-the-go
  • Anything you write on the Lock screen is saved straight away in Instant Notes
  • Text moves out of the way of your drawing with Inline Drawing – giving you more space to create your ideas
  • The Document Scanner feature is handy for those without access to a printer or scanner


And for both iPad and iPhone:

Lock screen and Notifications

This function is now one, rather than two, and it makes it easier for you to see what alerts you have been sent during your day. Simply swipe upwards when your screen is locked to see your notifications.

The funky, and clever, new App Store

It’s been reworked to make it more interactive and in tune with your needs. With articles from experts and the dedicated Games Lab you'll be able to get more recommendations of new apps with ease. Plus, Tips and Tricks will give you helpful how-to information on anything from photo filters to where to find the latest craze in gaming characters.

Other features we’re excited about:

  • The new Files app is exclusive to the iPad, and brings everything together into one easy place
  • One-page Control Centre gives you even more personalisation options – making your phone unique to you
  • One handed typing is so easy using the QuickType keyboard with symbols, punctuation marks, numbers and letters all together
  • It’s easier to share stickers or games with your buds now with the redesigned app drawer in Messaging
  • The upgrade of AirPlay to AirPlay 2, with new multi-room controls available
  • Do Not Disturb on the iPhone – it keeps you from being distracted when you’re driving

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So, what’s new with the iOS 11.1 update?

It’s not just about fixing all those annoying bugs – 11.1 has got some pretty cool new features too.

The highlight is definitely the 70 new emojis – Apple don’t mess around when it comes to emojis. There’s new food types, mythical creatures, gender-neutral characters, and the ‘Love-You’ gesture which is based on the hand sign in American Sign Language.

Only iOS 11.1 users can see these new emojis though, everyone else will just see weird punctuation.

Back to bug fixes, you’ll be pleased to know that the KRACK WI-FI vulnerability has been fixed, and the 3D Touch App Switcher gesture has been added back in. There’s also loads of fixes for photos, accessibility and notifications.


Can I get iOS 11 and 11.1?  

iOS 11 launched on the 19 September 2017, with 11.1 following on 31 October. Most iPad and iPhone models issued in the last few years can get the update and new features.

Apple is already testing iOS 11.2 and like iOS 11.1, it’ll include more bug fixes and improvements.


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