Five reasons why a convertible laptop is the little black dress of computing

Convertible laptops convert from laptop to tablet at the push of a button or the swivel of a hinge - here are five reasons why a convertible laptop is as indispensable as your favourite LBD.

15 Aug 2013


It may look plain and unassuming at first glance, but you don't know what you'd do without your little black dress.
You can wear it to the office, and then out on the tiles at the weekend. It's versatile, adaptable and - naturally - indispensable.

If only you could find the same versatility in your laptop…
Well, now you can.

Convertible laptops convert from laptop to tablet at the push of a button or the swivel of a hinge. They're generally super-thin and lightweight, and can be slipped inside your bag without too much bother.

Ideapad Yoga 11'_Clementine Orange _Hero _07_interface

Here are five reasons why a convertible laptop is as indispensable as your favourite LBD.

You can use it for work, and play

As we said earlier, the reason you keep coming back to that favourite LBD is because it's just as suitable for work as it is for play. The same can be said for a convertible laptop like the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga. You've been working all day on a report on the laptop - its Intel Core processors making mincemeat of every spreadsheet and document you throw its way, when the clock strikes 5pm but you still need to do a bit more research. Normally you'd have to stay and do overtime, but with a convertible like the Yoga you can switch the laptop into tablet mode, sling it in your bag and do your research on the Tube.

It helps you travel light

Advancing technology is creating devices that are lighter and thinner, but you're sure your work bag is getting heavier. That's because inside it you're carrying a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone as well as your lunch, papers and other paraphernalia.

Laptop Bag

Lighten the load and stave off that slight stoop your other half has started noticing by opting for a convertible laptop and leaving your iPad at home. Some convertibles like the HP Envy x2 allow you to totally separate the screen from the laptop deck, so if you really want to travel light just leave the laptop dock in the office and take the tablet home with you.

Get your lunchtime jobs done from the park

You have a dilemma. You need to pop to the bank at lunch, but the weather is glorious and everyone is heading to the park. With a convertible there's no need to stay in the office being a misery guts. Just switch to tablet mode and take it out with you. Sorting the bills seems so much easier with the wind in your hair and the sun in your face. Smug.

Women In Park

It looks good...

The main thing which first attracted you to your fave LBD was how it looked, right? The same thing is nowadays said about laptops. Reviewers at Cnet described a laptop as an 'extension of our personality' and urged people to choose one which suits their style as well as their spec sheet. Convertible laptops come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, but they're all pretty sexy looking. They slide and swivel between their modes, and boast the kind of slinky finishes you expect to see on the catwalk. Options carrying the Ultrabook branding are even more slender, and stay cool and quiet thanks to SSD storage.

It runs Windows 8

These are the devices Windows 8 was built to run. Microsoft's latest operating system was launched last year in a bid to blur the boundaries between regular laptops and tablets. It does this with its touchscreen controls and new user interface where programmes and apps are selected by touching colourful tiles. Microsoft gave Windows 8 a refresh in October 2013, introducing Windows 8.1, which saw the return of the much missed Start button on the homes screen, as well as enhanced multitasking and personalisation features. 

Windows 8.1 Wallpaper

(Credit: Microsoft)

So if you've been bashing away at the keyboard all day at work, at least when finally plonk down on the sofa in the evening you can forget about the clickety-clack and instead swipe and scroll your way around your favourite shopping sites in tablet mode.