How Microsoft’s Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 make the perfect travel companions

24 Aug 2016


Jetsetters, we know your struggle. You’re on holiday and you’ve taken some great photos, but you’ve got to wait until you get home to edit and share them on social media. That might be about to change, however, with the new Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

Say ‘hola’ to lightweight luggage

Both devices are incredibly versatile and super lightweight, which makes them perfect for slipping into your luggage while you travel. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book function as both a laptop and a tablet, with the Surface Pro 4 still having all the ports you need for your accessories and extra storage but at an incredibly light weight of 1.5kg. The Surface Book has also been upgraded with a 13.5 PixelSense display that gives you a really awesome resolution, meaning quality isn’t sacrificed for utility.

Editing’s a breeze

This technology is ideal for perfecting your holiday photos too. The Surface Book’s canvas mode allows you to create, draw and edit easily with the fine point of the Surface Pen using Adobe and other creative apps. You can also take fantastic photos and videos with the Surface Pro 4’s 5mp and 8mp cameras and use Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant, to navigate your way through your files to make editing and sharing easier than ever.

More power beneath the Surface

To top it all off, they both feature 6th generation Intel Core processors, making them even more powerful - it’s no wonder Microsoft’s calling them the ultimate travel companions!


1. Remove the gloom

Taken a photo that’s too dark? Adjust the brightness and colour settings to bring the photo to life. You can also crop and rotate the image if the original photo is a little crooked, like in the picture below. Thanks to the laptop’s touch sensitivity, you can use your hands to zoom and rotate, to find the perfect crop.

2. Give it the Dali effect

Want to inject some fun into your photo? Why not transform it into a surreal painting using two simple steps. First, add the oil panting effect. Second, use the Vibrance setting to boost the amount of colour in your picture. Ta-dah – you now have an ultra-impressive photo to show off to your friends. 

3. Banish distraction

The busy background in this photo distracts you from the main subject. But there’s a simple trick to fix this. Just duplicate the photo and put a blur effect on the new image. Then use the ‘erase’ function on the top of the surface pen to remove the blurred effect on the subject – or girl in this example - quickly bringing her back into focus. 

More power beneath the Surface

To top it all off, the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 both feature 6th generation Intel Core processors, making them even more powerful. It’s no wonder Microsoft’s calling them the ultimate travel companions!

GadgetsBoy in the Big Apple

GadgetsBoy – one of the three bloggers invited to test out the Surface range – has already returned from his amazing trip to New York City. The tech-mad blogger had a brilliant time touring the Big Apple and exploring all the city has to offer.

During his trip, the blogger stopped off at some of New York’s most iconic tourist spots including the Chrysler building, the Hudson river, and Roosevelt Island. And from the look of his picture-perfect snaps, he had no trouble editing his photos on the tablet.

The Chrysler building – New York City

Four Freedoms Park, Roosevelt Island – New York City


So, what did he think of the Microsoft laptop, and did he really find it the ultimate travelling companion? GadgetsBoy had nothing but good things to say about the Surface Pro 4, even commenting that it’s a “workforce to be reckoned with”. “The size is perfect for carrying around with you”, and fits, “perfectly in my backpack without weighing me down.” Not bad for a 2-in-1 laptop, eh?  Read his full review of the gadget here.

The Digital Lifestyle in Switzerland

Ian from the tried out the Surface Pro 4 on a trip to sunny Switzerland. The blogger used the tablet to edit snaps and videos of the gorgeous scenery around Lugano. And he found the whole thing a breeze. Ian was especially impressed with the Surface Pen, saying it was “ideal for getting real accuracy and precision”. Check out one of the photos he edited, below.




Lugano, Switzerland

ITPro heads to Italy

Adam from jetted off to Trieste in Italy to test out Microsoft’s Surface Book. The blogger was really impressed by some of the gadget’s stand-out features. The touch-screen functionality and slick design got rave reviews from Adam, as did the Surface Book’s ability to excel in digital art and photo editing. “You can create some truly breath-taking images with it,” was Adam’s verdict. What more could you want from a travel companion?


Trieste, Italy


Looking for a laptop you can use on the go? Check out the product specs of the Surface range and see how the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 could be your perfect travel companions.