Improve your wireless network with an AC router

Wi-Fi signal slow and stuttery? Beat the strain with an AC router, designed for faster downloads and a better range

If your wireless network isn't as fast as you'd expect, you may find upgrading to a new router could solve your problems.  The router provided by your internet service provider is likely to be a fairly basic model with older technology.  Using the latest AC routers can make a world of difference and make you the speediest surfer on the web.

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Faster downloads

A wireless AC router is capable of providing wireless connection speeds nearly three times as fast as the previous generation, known as N routers.  This means you should experience less slowdown from your broadband's top speed, even when you have several devices accessing your wireless network at once.

For the technically minded among you, AC routers can transfer 1,300Mbits/sec, while N routers can handle 450Mbits/sec.  For the rest of us, think of it like this - An N router is like a standard family car, but an AC router is like a Ferrari and is capable of much higher speeds under the right conditions.

Improved streaming

Not only does this allow for faster download speeds, it will also improve your streaming services.  This means watching films on services such as Netflix will be even smoother.  You'll also notice an improvement on music streaming sites like Spotify or Bandcamp.

Longer range - Better stability

Due to the bandwidth AC operates on, the signal is stronger which means it should improve signal strength around your home network.  Also, it normally uses two or three antenna so the signal works out as being more stable. 

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But will it work with my existing kit?

AC routers are fully backwards compatible, so you'll still be able to connect all your devices to your network even if they're running on older technology.  You won't experience the full benefits and speed of AC unless you upgrade the wireless adapters to AC compatible models, but you should still notice some increase in wireless signal speed and strength.  You're also future-proof, as upcoming wireless gadgets will feature the AC standard.

Why not try:

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The Netgear Nighthawk R7000 is simple to set up and is capable of providing your home with some of the fastest Wi-Fi network signals currently available.


Netgear EX6100 Range Extender

If you don't want to invest in a new router, another option is to boost the strength of your Wi-Fi signal with an AC range extender.  The Netgear  EX6100 is ideal for large homes or buildings with thick walls, and is quick and easy to set up.

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