Intel ultrabooks show versatile side

Intel has worked alongside other tech titans such as Lenovo and Toshiba to produce three new ultrabook models.

A new type of 'ultrabook' which can be used as either an extra-slim laptop or a tablet computer is to be launched in time for Christmas.

Intel Logo

Intel has already trademarked the term 'ultrabook' to describe its range of Windows laptops that pack a real punch despite being ultra-thin. And now the tech giant has worked alongside other titans such as Lenovo and Toshiba to produce three new models.

The three devices have been designed with flexibility and versatility in mind - which brings to mind the 1960s Amen Corner track Bend Me, Shape Me - with features that can be swivelled, folded or detached to suit our every whim.

The fruits of Intel's labour with other tech firms are the following three ultrabooks: The Lenovo Ideapad Yoga; the Dell XPS Duo 12; and the Toshiba Satellite U925T/U920T.

Reports have suggested the Lenovo will offer great versatility, with it able to flip from tablet to notebook thanks to a clever double-jointed hinge. It will also boast eight hours' battery power, so should be suited to use on the go.

As well as working as either a tablet or laptop, the Toshiba ultrabook is also designed to hook up to TVs to stream programmes.