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Boost your Wi-Fi for the Christmas onslaught 18 October 2018

Christmas means new phones, tablets and games consoles. It means lots of streaming and Skyping. Is your Wi-Fi ready for the toughest time of year?

Internet & WIFI
5 ways to stay safe when connecting to Wi-Fi 22 August 2018

Want to make sure your internet is secure? Keep yourself and your family safe with our W-Fi security tips…

Internet & WIFI
How to protect your computer from viruses 15 June 2018

With so much personal information stored on our computers and online, cyber security is a hot topic. Here are our top tips to keeping your computer secure…

Internet & WIFI
5 ways to boost your home Wi-Fi network 27 July 2017

Wi-Fi is a home necessity, but it can be infuriatingly slow sometimes. Find out how to get more oomph from your router with our quick fixes…

Internet & WIFI
Say goodbye to blackspots with whole home Wi-Fi 27 July 2017

We all have that one room in the house where you just can’t get a connection. Here’s how Whole Home Wi-Fi eliminates blackspots…

Internet & WIFI
Stronger Wi-Fi: How a beamforming router can beat internet slowdown 27 July 2017

Is your download speed slowing you down? Or do you get stuck buffering when streaming? We’ve got several options for boosting your Wi-Fi…

Internet & WIFI
What is Microsoft Edge? The Windows 10 web browser explained 28 July 2016

Write onto webpages, read articles without annoying ads and ‘pin’ your way around the web with Pinterest – introducing Microsoft Edge...

Internet & WIFI
8 ways to manage your email like a pro 10 March 2016

Keep an unruly email inbox at bay with our tips…

Internet & WIFI
5G takes your wireless connection to the next level 02 March 2016

5G was big news at Mobile World Congress, but how does it improve on your 4G connection?

Internet & WIFI
What can you do with Microsoft’s new-look Outlook? 25 February 2016

Sending emails from your web browser is about to get a lot more advanced with the updated Here are some of the new features you’ll be able to use…


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