NEWS: BBC Planning VOD For 3D Content

20 May 2011


Dixons1105201459101-1.jpgThe chief of HD and 3D at the BBC thinks that 3D will be more interesting as video-on-demand (VOD) than a channel proposition for the broadcaster.
Commenting on the BBC’s plans regarding adoption of 3D technology in the future, Danielle Nagler said it would need to take into account the relative value of HD and 3D.
While speaking at the 3DTV World Forum in London, Nagler added the broadcaster’s interest in HD is likely to be considered ahead of 3D.
She explained: “There are millions of UK homes that have access to HD but fewer than 200,000 homes that have 3D. So we have to really think about using a HD channel to show 3D content.
“To me 3D feels more instinctively like a VOD proposition in the long term, rather than a channel proposition for the BBC.
“We have to see if 3D is a niche or mass appeal. It is difficult to research the early adopters of 3D in the home and make conclusions from this about what the mainstream will think about 3D.”