NEWS: Firms To Boost 3D Panel Production

13 Jul 2011


Dixons1107131243172-1.jpgTelevision manufacturers are poised to step up the production of 3D-enabled sets in response to the rising demand from consumers.

Despite scepticism about the technology among some consumers, the popularity of 3D is rising and an increasing amount of content is being generated in the format.

Five major TV screen makers have announced their 3D display shipment targets for this year and it ranges between 10% and 20% of the total.

Taiwan-based AU Optronics expects 10% of its panels this year to be 3D-capable, while another key supplier Chimei Innolux is targeting 20%.

Samsung, LG and Sharp, three of the biggest TV makers expect their 3D-ready shipments to be around 10-20%.

Increased production coupled with the growing competition between active shutter and passive technology could also mean cheaper 3D TVs.