NEWS: Media Content Firms ´Thriving´

14 Jun 2011


Dixons1106141429255-1.jpgMedia content firms are being reaping the benefits of the growing popularity of tablet devices and smartphones, according to a new report.
The increase in demand for such gadgets is helping media content companies thrive as they gain huge revenues.
KPMG’s Media and Entertainment Barometer indicated that people “cannot get enough of smartphones and tablets in the UK”.
The study highlighted that ownership of tablets and smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy range and HTC handsets, increased to 36% so far this year.
It also showed a two-fold rise in the number of tablet buyers, with most customers opting for the Apple iPad.
The survey, carried out by YouGov, pointed out a sharp rise in the use of “on the move” media, largely due to the increasing popularity of devices that offer fast internet access.
David Elms, KPMG head of media, said: “The popularity of these devices will continue to grow. People are becoming hungry for data. What we can see is that people are prepared to spend on content. This is showing the way forward for media companies.”
Over the past six months, smartphone users spent £5.65 on media content every month, and tablet owners spent £8.87, the report added.