NEWS: Voice Recognition ´Next Big Thing´

16 Jun 2011


Dixons1106151523571-1.jpgThe Microsoft founder has insisted that speech and voice recognition will become a standard part of a computer system replacing the keyboard in the future.
Bill Gates, who is now not involved in the day-to-day control of the multinational firm, has again emphasised speech and voice recognition is “the next big thing” and the key area to be developed.
Although he has been busy dedicating much of his time and money to philanthropic purposes, he has also been putting across the message that speech output will soon take over the systems.
Mr Gates told the Daily Mail: “You’ll be able to touch [a white] board or speak to it and get your message to colleagues around the world. Screens are cheap.”
He has involved himself in a battle against malaria in the African continent, enhancing healthcare and the reduction of extreme poverty. He is presently on a tour to campaign for his charitable foundation, The Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation.