Samsung launches Galaxy S4 in New York

The world watched as Samsung unveiled a smartphone sporting a screen we can control with our eyes

15 Mar 2013


The world watched as Samsung unveiled a smartphone sporting a screen we can control with our eyes.

Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 made its debut at a Broadway-themed press event in New York.

Tech hacks and gadget addicts had been counting down the days to March 14 since the company announced the launch last month.

And the new device, which sports a five-inch screen, didn't disappoint.

As well as eye-tracking technology, the S4 also includes a dual camera function which takes two pictures at once.

The event at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan showed how you can control certain functions without touching the screen.

It means you can pause a video by simply looking away from the screen with "smart pause", while the handset reacts to the movement of our eyes and wrist to scroll through emails without touching the screen with "smart scroll".

For those liking what they hear about the S4, it'll be rolled out across 155 countries from April 26.

JK Shin, president and head of IT and mobile communications at Samsung, said: "We have taken technology and innovation forward to help us get closer to what matters in life, to help us live a richer, simpler and more full life."

Samsung showcased some of the phone's other features in a series of role-play situations, including a dad taking a snap of his tap-dancing kid to highlight the dual camera.

With the dual camera you can take photos or video using a 13 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel front camera at the same time, blending the pictures together so the photographer isn't "left out".  

Again capturing the theatrical spirit of Broadway, Samsung used a role play of a backpacker in Shanghai to showcase a voice and text translation feature which was shown translating text from one language into the speech of another.

Of the voice and text translation feature, Shin said: "Think about being able to communicate with your friends around the world without language barriers."

The new Galaxy follows in the footsteps of the S3 and weighs in at 130g and measures 7.9mm thick.

Paul Thompson, managing director of mobile advertising company BlisMedia, hailed the eye-controlled features as "ground-breaking innovation that could change the face of how we use technology".