Who won the Dixons £10k Golden Ticket and what on earth did he spend it on??

09 May 2011


It was a frosty festive evening last December as we made our way through our fourth tub of Celebrations, we imagined what it would be like to have a lifetime supply of chocolate. More comforting than noise-cancelling earphones on a train full of school kids; and even more satisfying than hearing the 'poof' as the blocks tumble and crush the last green pig on a tough level of Angry Birds - there's just nothing more fulfilling than chocolate.

That night as we dreamt of splashing around in a chocolate river and showering in an Ovaltine waterfall, we realised that we should probably cut down on the sugar before we became entirely deluded by our chocolate fantasies. We also realised that the best part of daydreaming would be if one of our dreams actually came true.

So, lacking the facilities to produce a swimming pool full of Maltesers, we decided instead to make one of our lovely customers' tech wish lists come true to the value of £10k - which would hopefully kit them out for (the better part of) a lifetime of appliances and gadgetry. And so the Golden Ticket promotion was born.

It was another frosty festive night a few weeks later when Mr Bucket* unwittingly scrolled through the pages of Dixons.co.uk, comparing the market for low-priced electrical goods. Distracted from technical specs by a gold banner that referenced his kids' favourite childhood story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mr Bucket clicked on the banner which would lead to his eventual £10,000 electronics shopping spree.

Winner blog pic 2.JPGMr Bucket's lovely wife with her shiny new all-in-one PC, BT digital cordless phones and Morphy Richards kettle…tech heaven!

In a gracious email after the contents of his virtual trolley dash were delivered, Mr Bucket expressed his thanks and shared some of what he'd spent his prize on. Although our terms stated the £10k prize could be spent as sensibly or sinfully as the winner wished, Mr Bucket seemed to cover an entire spectrum of potential ways to spend such a prize; from replacing his PC, buying his wife a new laptop and splashing out on a deserved 'whizzy Android phone', Mr Bucket also 'had an absolutely brilliant time offering a slice of (his) good luck to other people'.

Winner blog pic 1.JPGMr Bucket's daughters with their new telly and laptops…wish our Dad was that lucky!

With three children in their twenties, all of whom have flown the nest, Mr Bucket was able to help them with the essentials for their homes. He also opened his wish list up to extended family, friends and even included some goodies for a charity he works with.

Three steam irons, three DAB radios, three coffee makers, a suite of printing items and cameras, seven laptops and five TVs later, we couldn't have asked for a more appreciative and generous winner.

Well done, Mr Bucket! We're glad we could make your tech wish list a reality and we look forward to doing it again in the near future…

*Mr Bucket is not our winners' real name, but seemed like an appropriately themed pseudonym considering he shares the same luck as Charlie Bucket from the story that inspired our competition!