iOS 12: Everything you need to know

Want to know what iOS 12 will bring to your favourite tech? Here’s everything you need to know from Apple’s WWDC

05 Jun 2018


iOS 12

For the iPhone and iPad

Super Siri

Every year, Apple makes great efforts to improve Siri, your “pocket PA”. This time round it’s no different.

With the unveiling of iOS 11, Siri became more personable and was given the option to change between a male or female voice. Now, Siri can make suggestions for you based on habitual actions like ordering a latte every Sunday morning or going for a run in the evenings.

And Siri can link to different apps –  pull up your travel itinerary from airline apps or find out where you left your keys through the Tile app.

Group Facetime

Gone are the days when only two pals can chat face to face using their iDevice. iOS 12 lets you invite up to 32 members to your chats, making business meetings and friendly catch-ups easier and more accessible than ever.

Plus, try out a fun twist on your chats by adding filters and the newly customisable “Memojis”, or emojis based on your own appearance.

Conscious tech use

Conscious tech use

In the latest version of iOS, Apple have made steps to helping combat tech addiction and stop users mindlessly scrolling through apps. 

These include “Allowance”, which allows parents to limit their children’s use on iDevices, as well as special tracking which keeps tabs on screen-time. You can check how tech-addicted you’ve been per week or per 24-hours.


For the Apple Watch

Help with health

The Apple Watch is now an even better fitness buddy. With WatchOS 5, you can invite friends to join you on bespoke fitness challenges, and heart rate is accurately tracked whether you’re heading up a mountain or relaxing into an hour of yoga.

WatchOS 5

Walk and talk

It’ll also help you to get social – with the new walkie-talkie tech, you can have quick chats with friends directly through your Apple Watch. Plus, summon Siri simply by raising your wrist.


For the Apple TV

High-end audio

Last year, Apple made their TV devices 4K quality-capable. Now, they’ve introduced HDR – which will vastly improve the image’s colour range – and the impressive Dolby Atmos high-end audio format.

Already own a library of iTunes movies? Don’t worry – they’ll be updated to the new format for free.


Other features we’re excited about:

  • Autofill strong passwords for every app. Plus, Siri reveals forgotten passwords when asked.
  • Key moments, people and places are highlighted and gathered in collections with new smarter photos.
  • ARKit 2, Apple’s updated augmented reality tool, now allows you to share AR experiences with friends that are also using iPads.
  • Do Not Disturb at Bedtime puts mindfulness at the fore, blocking notifications during set times to help you fully turn off at the end of the day.


Can I get iOS 12?

As of Autumn 2018, iOS 12 will be available to all Apple models iPhone 5s and later and many other iDevices.


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