10 reasons you’ll regret keeping that old laptop

Can you watch an entire season of Girls before your laptop finally wakes up? Or does its design make you cringe at meetings?

01 Jun 2017


How many of these tech fails can you relate to? 

1. Your laptop is a bricktopRyan Oftedahl

Credit: Ryan Oftedahl

You’re walking round with a laptop that’s the equivalent of a ‘brick’ mobile phone


2. Starting up is hard to do

Credit: Jamie Hobbs

Your laptop takes forever to wake up – in fact you could go to sleep, wake up, and it’d still be asleep


3. Your sofa needs a little Feng ShuiVera Mearker

Credit: Vera Mearker

You love working from the sofa on all your favourite things (knitting, watching films, making lists, sorting your life). You know there must be a better way. 

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4. And friends call you Inspector Gadget

Credit: Hannah Anastasi

You’ve got a gadget for everything ­– laptop, tablet, personal organiser, camera, iPod, mouse, external hard drive, extension pack for your dead battery.

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5. Your laptop can’t multitask like you 

Credit: Lo Aromin

You want to listen to Spotify, run Excel, chat with friends and shop all at the same time – and your laptop can’t keep up.


6. Your online streaming looks…well…illegalPixelated

Credit: Selcuk Gucer

Catching up on demand is gloomy on your laptop’s low-res screen.


7. And it weighs a ton heavy laptop

Credit: Sonya Filimonova

Your laptop is heavy to carry and embarrassing at meetings – noisy, ugly, clunky.

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8. Even your cat has run away

Credit: Elena Maykhrych

You’re a cat lady without a cat – you don’t have time for this!


9. But you’ve got serious potential


Credit: Anika Kitka

You’re bursting with ideas and plans for projects – but your laptop is holding you back

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10. Yet your mouse-clicking kills the mood swiping

Credit: Paul Anscomb

Swiping apps is so much simpler than scrolling and clicking with your mouse. Check out how a touchscreen laptop can work just like your smartphone.


Now, don’t let your old machine hold you back, ditch your regrets and discover the features that are right for you.