5 reasons we love the Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Here we round up some of our favourite features of Samsumg´s new super-sharp tablet and ask a few experts what they think

Samsung has launched a new tablet with an "incredibly vibrant screen". Here we round up some of our favourite features of the Galaxy Tab S and seek the opinion of experts for some added oomph.

The tablet comes in two models: a smaller 8.4-inch and a full-size 10.5-inch model.

1) The screen makes movies and video more realistic


Key points

  • Samsung says Super AMOLED technology creates 'world's greatest screen on a tablet'
  • Screen is 'incredibly vibrant, with punchy colours', Stuff

The screen is undoubtedly the headline feature of the Tab S. Samsung says watching video is the number one thing we do with our tablets. And the Super AMOLED screen gives a much better picture than an LCD screen, according to the tech giant.

Patrick Povel, head of tablet business development at Samsung Europe, said: "The colours are much, much more rich. And the white is whiter, the green is greener. The clouds are whiter, the blues are bluer. Skin colour is much more natural. 

"The fact we're using 16:9 screen technology is also important. You see much more, and much bigger viewing on this screen."

What the expert says:

Esat Dedezade, staff writer at Stuff, said: "The screen is incredibly vibrant with bright, vivid, punchy colours. Coupled with the true blacks offered by the AMOLED screen, images and movies seem to pop."

2) Photos look vibrant and more realistic - great for holidays and online shopping

Wow . The Super AMOLED Display Lives Up To Its Promise 

Key points

  • Realistic colour reproduction when shopping online - you get what you see
  • Holiday photos that look as bright as you remember

Tablets are often used for viewing still images too, whether you're looking at your holiday photos or shopping online. Samsung says that compared to a conventional LCD screen, the Tab S has a far higher colour reproduction.

Patrick Povel demonstrated this by taking a picture of a chewing gum packet and showing the image next to the actual gum.

He said: "With a conventional screen technology it can often seem a different colour. With a normal TFT LCD screen you have 70% of the colour gamut and with this one you have 97% so it's really, really close to being the real thing."

What the expert says:

Esat Dedezade at Stuff said if you find the vibrant colours a bit too much, "you can tone them down in the settings while still enjoying the true blacks".


3) It's slim and light for the commute and easy to hold in one hand

The Tab S Is Just 6.6mm Thin - Perfect For Your Commute  

Key points

  • Samsung's thinnest and lightest tablet yet - just 6.6mm thick (thinner than Apple iPad Air 1 and mini)
  • Mini 8.4-inch tablet weighs just 286g, 10.5-inch tablet weighs just 462g

Do you use your tablet and smartphone on the way to work or when having a coffee in town? If so, you want one that's lightweight, thin and easy to hold.

The 10.5-inch Tab S can easily slide inside your bag alongside your papers and lunchbox, while the 8.4-inch model can even fit inside your jacket pocket. The Tab is is Samsung's thinnest and lightest tablet yet. 

Patrick Povel said: "When I use the Tube I see a lot of people using tablets to watch video on the commute. Both devices are 6.6mm thin, so much thinner than some competitors."

He said that both the mini and full-size tablets are "very, very light".


What the expert says:

Andrew Hoyle, a senior editor at tech site Cnet, said: "The size makes the 8.4-inch model in particular a good option for commuters and travellers who perhaps are keen on the size of Apple's iPad Mini, but aren't willing to leave the Android ecosystem."


4) It has a kids' mode for peace of mind

Kids -mode

(credit: lifehacker.co.uk)

Key points

  • Able to create individual user profiles accessed with a fingerprint scanner
  • Kids only have access to their profile and not yours

Families often share tablets these days. But what you want to look at on your tablet isn't necessarily what you'd be happy with the kids looking at.

With the Tab S you can set separate user profiles that are accessed using a fingerprint scanner.

Patrick Povel said: "We have created a kids' mode so you can have different profiles. One for the dad, one for the mum, one for the kids."


5) It adjusts the screen to suit what you're doing

Another Look At Kick - Samsung 's New Football App

Key points

  • Recognises whether you're watching a movie, looking at photos or reading and adjusts the screen to suit

You probably watch a lot of TV, movies and video on your tablet, but that's not the only content we view on the devices. Online shopping, reading books and looking at family photos also come to mind.

And with Samsung's adaptive screen technology, the screen can be adjusted to suit your activity.

Patrick Povel explains: "When reading you need a different colour set and brightness to when you're watching a movie. And to make the movie more exciting, it needs the colour to be a bit more vibrant."

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