5 reasons why there’s never been a better reason to buy a laptop

The new generation of laptops is here; discover why we´re so excited about them

Laptops get faster, lighter and all together lovelier this year. Sharper screens and longer battery life for use on the go - this is the time to buy that new laptop.

Read our top 5 reasons to buy a new laptop in 2015…

1) Batteries last longer than ever before

These days, processors in machines are using much more efficient. This means they use less power, and the battery in a new laptop lasts a lot longer. Gone are the days you had to lug around the charger for a laptop. Many of the laptops in our new range now last for 7 hours, so you can get a full day of work done on a single charge, wherever you are.

Laptop Coffee Shop

Laptop with a great battery

Acer Aspire V3: This laptop had a battery life of 7.5 hours. So you can use it all day on a single charge. Charge it at your desk the office and then take your laptop home to watch films or play games.

2) Thinner and better looking than before

Again, thanks to advancements in processor technology, the components inside a laptop can be smaller. This means the laptops can be thinner, giving you a great excuse to pick up your laptop, and do your work in the park! Thin, lightweight laptops have been around for a while now, but they usually came with a fat price tag. The new range of laptops has sleek new products without the chunky prices.

Portable Laptop

Laptop with great style

Lenovo Flex 2: This laptop will really stand out from the crowd. Not only is the colour eye-catching, but its small and sleek and is sure to get you noticed.

3) Super-sharp screens for movies and games

Turn your laptop into your own portable cinema with a high-resolution screen. We are now in the age Full-HD laptop screens. This year's range has more laptops sporting screens with higher and sharper resolutions than ever before.

Movie Laptop

Laptop with a HD screen

Lenovo Z50: This Lenovo not only has a Full HD screen, but it also has an NVidia GeForce graphics card so the images on the screen, whether you are watching a film or playing a game, are sharp and smooth.

4) Faster and able to handle more complex tasks

The new wave of processors that are found in the latest laptops, allow for faster loading, whilst being able to handle more tasks at once.

As well as fantastic processors many of the new laptops in the range also feature solid state drives. SSDs replace the hard drive in a laptop and unlike hard drives they are made up of a single part so are smaller and can run much quicker.

Multitask Laptop

Lightning fast laptop

Asus Zenbook: This laptop features the latest 5th generation Intel i5 processor and a 128GB SSD which means it will fly through tasks at blistering speeds.

5) More choice than ever before

The old laptop range was a little dull. You generally had a choice between a silver or black machine, and 15.6 or 17". The new range now has a massive range of colours, sizes and different 2 in 1s that means a new laptop could not only suit your needs but your style too.

If you want to stand out from the crowd we have a range of laptops in all colours. Or maybe you want to impress your friends with a 2 in 1, flitting effortlessy between a laptop and tablet? We've got those too!

And don't worry; if you are a man or woman of simple tastes, we still have black and silver laptops too!

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