5 reasons why there’s never been a better time to buy a tablet

Tablets just keep getting better and better. Get hands on with the latest models

A tablet isn't just a tablet. It's a way to watch films in Full HD, control your central heating and finish a work report.

It's a way to transform your dull commute into 'me' time, to keep in touch with friends. And browsing the web from the sofa was never easier.

Read on for our top 5 reasons to buy a tablet.

1) Use it control your heating and lighting

In theSmart home, washing machines, light bulbs, security cameras and thermostats connect to your home Wi-Fi. You can then control them with your phone or tablet, from the sofa or your office desk.

Philips Hue And Tablet

Two Smart home products and apps:

Philips hue: Dim and brighten as many as 50 light bulbs around your home via a single app using these smart bulbs.

Nest Learning Thermostat: This thermostat lets you switch on your heating from your tablet app, and automatically adjusts the heating when you're away.

2) Watch movies and TV shows in better than Full HD

Netflix and the BBC iPlayer have changed how we watch TV. And a super-sharp tablet is perfect for enjoying last night's EastEnders or binging on Breaking Bad.

Now we have tablets with screens that are sharper than Full HDTVs, packed with pixels and boasting high contrast rates for sharp, detailed images that are rich in colour.

Watching -movie -offline

Two tablets with great screens:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S: The screen is the main feature on this tablet. Expect a picture that's vibrant and rich, with 'clouds that are whiter', and 'blues that are bluer'. It uses what Samsung calls Super AMOLED technology.

Apple iPad Air 2: Expect rich colours; sharp, detailed images; deep blacks and white whites. Apple revolutionised tablet screen technology with its Retina display, with resolution better than Full HD.

3) They're perfect for second-screening

Like to browse the web or update Facebook while you're watching TV? Then you're second-screening. More than half of Brits have second-screened while watching TV - with browsing the web, emailing and using Facebook and Twitter the most popular.

Second -Screening

Reasons a tablet is great for second-screening:

  • Bigger than a smartphone, smaller than a laptop. The tablet is the perfect size to sit on your lap or on the chair-arm. It's less cumbersome than a laptop.
  • Apps make everything easy. Shop for new shoes, browse the top football stories, update Facebook and find movies - all from your home screen.
  • Easy touchscreen controls. The sofa is no place for a mouse. With a tablet everything is done by swiping and tapping the screen.

4) Built for life on the go - long battery life and lightweight

Tablets are as good on the go as they are on the sofa. Whether on the train or in the staffroom, your tablet can keep you entertained.

Train Tablet

Buying a tablet for your commute:

  • Choose a mini model. Smaller tablets range from 7-8.5 inches and can be slid inside your handbag or even a jacket pocket.
  • Look for long battery life. There's no point having a great tablet with a flat battery. Make long battery life a priority.
  • Is it light enough? The perfect commuting tablet needs to be light. Look for something 350g or lighter.
  • Does it have 3G or 4G? Want to be able to get online anywhere? You need a tablet with 3G or 4G connectivity. If not you'll be restricted to logging into Wi-Fi networks.
  • Easy access: A fingerprint scanner lets you get into your stuff with a tap of your finger.

Two great commuting tablets:

iPad mini 3: The iPad but smaller - 7.9 inches to be precise. This weighs just 341g and measures 7.5mm thick. It has the super-sharp Retina display and is powered by an A7 chip for speedy web browsing and better graphics. Battery life is as long as 10 hours. It also has a fingerprint scanner.

Samsung Tab S 8.4: The Tab S has a slightly larger 8.4 inch screen and is thinner and lighter. It measures 6.6mm thick and weighs 294g. It also features a Super AMOLED screen that, as well as being incredibly sharp, adjusts itself to suit your surroundings - ie the lighting outdoors or in a coffee shop. It also has a fingerprint scanner.

5) You can do office work on them now

You can work on a spreadsheet or report, write emails and dial into video calls - provided you choose the right tablet. A new generation of powerful, feature-packed tablets will transform your kitchen table into an office.

Tabet Business

A great tablet for getting stuff done:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3: A high-powered laptop squeezed into a tablet. It comes with a full-size keyboard that connects via magnet, USB ports to attach a mouse, a stylus for writing on screen, Intel Core processors and the professional version of Windows 8.1.

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