5 reasons why there´s never been a better time to buy a new Desktop PC

Looking for a new home computer? We´ll show you why a desktop PC could be the one for you.

10 Feb 2015


Whether you're looking for a basic family PC or a powerhouse system for gaming, there are many reasons why you should consider one of the latest desktops.

Computer Man

1) Smaller and more stylish

As technology develops, computer manufacturers are able to give you faster and more responsive processing, in a much smaller device. Small desktops PCs, such as the Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 take up barely any room on your desk, and are ideal if you only have a small office area to work with.  

All-in-One PCs do not have a base unit; all of the components are built into the monitor. Not only does this save you space on your desk, but All-in-One PCs are getting thinner and sleeker. The Acer Aspire Z1 is a great example of how amazing these PCs can look.

2) Faster and more powerful

Desktops like the Lenovo H50 feature an Intel Quad-core processor. This means that the processing chip has four independent units, all capable of running tasks. The extra cores in a quad core allow the PC to run tasks faster and more efficiently, making multitasking fast too.

Combine a Quad-core processor with a high spec graphics card, and your PC will run extremely fast. The Asus Republic of Gamers G20 gaming PC does just that.

3) More Storage

In the past, family members may have had their own laptop or desktop for their work and web browsing needs. These days however, loads of people are using smart phones and tablets to browse the web and no longer have their own PC. 

Having a central family PC that everyone can access to do tasks like writing essays for school or organising photos becomes key. PCs with large storage capabilities like the Acer Aspire TC-220 allow families to store everything from music collections to movies all in one place.

4) Personalisation

The great thing about a desktop is being able to add extra components to it, so you can have a PC that suits your needs.  Barebone PCs such as the PC Specialist Infinity Trion, come without an operating system. This allows you to add whatever OS you prefer, from Linnux to Ubuntu. You can even install older Windows.

This PC also has room for a graphics card of your choice, but you can increase the memory, processors and graphics cards of most desktop PCs.

5) Intuitive and interactive

Interacting with your PC should be fun and exciting. These days, many PCs support touchscreen, allowing you to swipe and pinch your way through tasks in an intuitive fashion. The HP Sprout is revolutionary.  Projecting images onto the touch mat beneath, you are presented with two screens to work with.

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