5 ways to extend your tablet’s battery life

Here´s some simple tips on how to extend the battery life of your tablet so you don´t run out of power at a time when you need it most!

No tablet computer is perfect. Even if you struggle to pick faults in your slab of choice, you could always do with more battery life.

But faced with the prospect of running out of juice on the go, or even contemplating spending a single minute of a dull journey on public transport without your tablet - what if you have to talk to someone on the Tube (?) - it's time to get clever.

A few subtle tweaks to your tablet's settings and how you use it can help you to extract more vital minutes of reading the notes of your last business meeting, revising for an all-important exam or err… watching Family Guy.

Tablets Collage

So here's a few ideas to prolong your battery life without hurting your enjoyment:

A bright idea

Much of your tablet's battery life goes on brightening that big LCD touchscreen you like to stare it. While you need a degree of backlighting to see what's going on, you can play with the settings to use less juice without compromising your enjoyment. Reduce the brightness level to what you're comfortable with - unless you're in bright sunlight this can be pretty low.

If your tablet has an auto-brightness setting you might find this is much higher than you need. While you're on the settings menu, have a tinker with the backlight and standby time outs too.

Background noise

Thinking someone is getting up to something while your back is turned is normally just paranoia, but in the case of tablets it could well be true. If your tablet has an activity monitor check it out to see if programmes are running in the background which you just aren't using. They can be a drain on both your battery and performance - so if you don't need them, get rid!

Turn off 3G

3G is a godsend when you're in the WiFi wilderness and need to keep in the loop with emails from work, or just fancy a gossip on Facebook. But if you're just kicking back to watch a movie and can't spare any battery life, then it's a real albatross around your neck. So delve into your settings and switch off 3G when you don't plan on using it and get more from your battery.

Don't push me…

In the same way, push notifications can weigh down heavily on your tablet's battery life if you're not careful. Think about this one carefully, because you'll probably want to know when someone has tweeted at you on Twitter or sent you an email - but do you really need to know when your colleague has checked in at work? She sits next to you, after all.

…and definitely don't leave me in the sun!

Leaving your tablet in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time is just bad news for the battery. It's not made to survive in sub-zero temperatures or be dropped from a great height either, so just be careful.

So there you go...