6 bits of kit to make you a better gamer

Read our list of 6 accessories that will make you a better PC gamer. From specialist mouse mats and controllers to headsets and keyboards.

30 Nov 2015


If you’re getting started with PC gaming and want to improve your performance, having the right kit can make a big difference.

Here are some of the most helpful accessories to add to your setup.

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1) Gaming mouse
A gaming mouse is lighter and more sensitive than a regular one, giving you more control over your movements when you’re playing. With it, you get all the speed and accuracy that serious gamers want.

One we love - Mad Catz R.A.T. TE Laser gaming mouse 

This mouse has a built-in laser sensor that adjusts to the gaming surface it’s on – so you always stay in control.

Create a different setup for each game by programming up to 27 commands on the 9 buttons.

Play for longer without any strain. It’s comfortable to hold thanks to the ergonomic design with thumb and palm rests.

2) Keyboard
Unlike a regular keyboard that’s used for typing, a mechanical gaming one is ultra-responsive to your movements. Even when you’re pressing buttons fast.

A major advantage is that you can pull off multiple moves at the same time with built-in anti-ghosting tech – which lets you press lots of keys at once and still logs every command.

One we love - Razer BlackWidow Chroma mechanical gaming keyboard

Hit every keystroke with textured keys that prevent your fingers from slipping on this Razer keyboard. For faster response times, the keys spring back as soon as you’ve tapped them.

The keyboard is backlit for evenings spent gaming, with 16.8 million colour options you can assign to different keys – so you can quickly identify each control when you’re playing.

You can also programme keys to do specific commands – this helps to optimise your setup for high-level play.

3) Headset

A headset is a great tool for interacting with your teammates on online multiplayer games. Get one with a built-in microphone to discuss your strategy on cooperative missions.

It’s also helps you feel like you’re inside the action by filtering all the sound direct to your ears. Once on, the earphones form a sound-proof seal – letting you block out distracting background noise.

One we love - Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1 gaming headset

Hear every detail with 7.1 surround sound blasted at you from in front, behind and to your side. Use it to improve your response time – listen out for your opponents’ footsteps creeping up on you and stop them in their tracks.

As well as enjoying the high-quality audio, you can play games at full volume without worrying about disturbing your neighbours, friends or family with noise-cancelling tech.

4) Mouse mat

With a specialist mouse mat you can avoid making mistakes – as it has better grip than a regular one.

They're specially textured to work in conjunction with the higher resolution of gaming mice, so you get a more responsive action overall.

One we love - Roccat Taito gaming mouse mat 

Never slip and be thrown off your game again with Roccat’s elite gaming surface. Rubberised padding underneath keeps it firm to your desk or table-top, while the heat-treated nano surface on top lets you drive your mouse around with precision.

5) Controller

Using a keyboard and mouse is one option for PC gaming but some games work best with a console-style controller.

One we love - Xbox One controller     

It’s seen as one of the best games console controllers there is – and the Xbox One is super-easy to set up with your PC, too.

The redesigned D-pad is extremely playable. It also has larger triggers and bumpers that are easier for you to navigate.

Rumble triggers will suck you right into the action – feel the controller shake every time you shoot a gun or tackle an opponent for a much more immersive style of gaming.

Find out more about gaming controllers <link to: When it’s live ‘What gaming controller do I need?’>

6) Gaming wheel

A gaming wheel will make driving simulators feel realistic and give you a more natural and precise level of control.

They’re designed to look and operate like a regular driving wheel – for the absolute best performance in a racing game.

One we love - the Logitech Driving Force G29 racing wheel has dual-motor force-feedback – so you feel every bump in the road.

Get the steering power you want with 900-degree wheel rotation – which lets you turn the wheel 2 and a half times. As well as 3 pedals for accelerator, brake and clutch.

Check out the Logitech Driving Force G29 racing wheel

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