Accessories to help you get the best from your new tablet

Got a new tablet and want to know how to make it even better? Here´s a guide to some of out favourite accessories you might not have seen before...

If you're anything like us, you'll hardly have put your tablet down since you got it.  It's got to the point where our family and friends can barely remember a time when a tablet wasn't clutched in our hands. 

Yes, tablets are great - but there are some nice little accessories that can make them even better.  We've put together a list of some of our favourites that are useful, quirky or just plain cute.


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One of the banes of using a touchscreen is greasy fingerprints.  Fear not - no longer does your tablet have to endure the indignity of a streaky screen.  Use this Logik stylus and tap, scroll and flick your way through your apps.  It also makes drawing or handwriting feel much more natural than using your finger on the screen.

Two really nice things about this stylus are the built-in pen and laser pointer.  This is ideal for business use where you'd need to switch between stylus and pen quickly, and the laser means you're fully equipped to go into presenting mode at a moment's notice. 

Or, you know, you could just use it to drive the cat wild.

See the Logik Stylus here


One of the first things you should get is a case for your tablet.  That extra layer of protection gives you a little peace of mind and helps prevent horrible scratches and bumps damaging the beautiful appearance of your tablet.

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First up is the Belkin iPad Mini Lego case.  Not only does this keep your tablet safe, it's also got a fully functional Lego base.  This means you can cover it in your own Lego creations - the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

See the Belkin iPad Mini Lego case here

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Next, the Targus 10" Rotating Universal Case flips and folds into a stand that holds your tablet in the perfect position for watching movies or reading.  This case fits a number of 10" tablets and is designed to allow easy access to all the controls and ports. 

See the Targus 10" Rotating Universal Case here

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Last but not least, the Tabzoo 8" Tiger case roars into view.  Like a real tiger, it's tough and strong.  Unlike a real tiger, you can unzip the mouth and put your tablet inside, and even prop open the jaws to form a handy stand.  Also unlike a real tiger, this is an excellent gift for kids.

See the Tabzoo 8" Tiger case here


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There's one thing we're all guilty of - using our tablets far too much.  This can be a bad thing when we're out and about and there's no place to charge up again.  No problem - connect up a Juice Cube and you're up and running again.  These compact little boxes can charge up a variety of phones and tablets, come in a variety of colours and if you shake them they'll show you how much power they have left.

See the Juice Cube here


Ever wanted to stream a movie or download an app, but can't because you're not connected to WiFi?  That's not a problem any more.  With Mobile Broadband, you can take your own WiFi hotspot wherever you go. 

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With the Knowhow MF65 Mobile WiFi, you pay monthly for the amount of data you want to use.  The little box creates a WiFi hotspot that delivers broadband at 3G speed.  There are a range of tariffs, and you can upgrade or downgrade your data plan to suit your needs. You're able use the device in over 40 countries so you can still get online when you're abroad.

See the Knowhow MF65 here

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Another option is the Vodafone R206 PAYG Mobile WiFi.    This lets you pay-as-you-go for your own portable WiFi hotspot that works at 3G speeds.  You can connect up to five devices at any time and it comes pre-loaded with 2GB of data to use in your first 30 days.

See the Vodafone R206 here

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