All Surface but plenty of depth

The Surface is as comfy with spreadsheets as it is online shopping

06 Mar 2013


Our lives are crammed full of tech as good looking as Cara Delevingne so there's no wonder our heads are often first turned by how cool a product looks. Such is the case with the new Microsoft Surface RT.


Tablets and suchlike have become as trendy as Ray Ban Wayfarers and Rihanna at River Island, but hipsters who get worked up over a gadget's form ahead of its function are often dismissed as all 'surface and no depth' among true techies.

However, with Microsoft's new convertible tablet under their arm, tech-loving fashionistas can dismiss such lurid aspersions with a flick of their asymmetric fringe - for it has both style and substance in absolute spades.

It looks like it belongs on the catwalks of Paris and London and the name 'Surface' suggests it's all about the image, but don't be fooled - this baby has more depth than a novel by Albert Camus or Jean-Paul Sartre.

Like a model who changes outfits in seconds and contorts herself to the many whims of the latest fashion snapper, the Surface convertible switches from tablet to laptop-tablet thingamajig and back again without even the merest hint of a prima-donna strop.

Whether at work or play the Surface will make your experience smoother than a glass of Bailey's.
It features a 10.1 inch touchscreen so you can check out the online edition of Nylon and other 'relevant' mags before scouring the web for the gear before any of your mates.

Being a full-time fashion plate is hard work - it demands time, effort, and most of all cash.
Thankfully the Surface is as comfy with spreadsheets as it is fashion spreads. Windows RT is a new Microsoft OS which sports most of the features of Windows 8. The software comes pre-loaded on your Surface, so your documents are always within easy reach.

Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are all pre-installed too - great news if you're as serious about your career as you are your clothes. When it's time to work, just click in the detachable Surface keyboard and away you go, creating the documents and files that'll pay for the look breaking at Paris Fashion Week.

The keyboard doubles up as a cover and is available in a range of hues so you can coordinate it to match your favourite outfits too.  

When pinching, typing and swiping your way around the Surface you'll notice it's as fluid and slick as a model strutting down the runway.

But how come everything's so smooth, honey?

Well, peel back the sleek, intuitive design and you'll find a NVIDIA Tegra quad-core processor packing the kind of power wielded by Vogue icon Anna Wintour.

You're probably too cool to care too much about what a quad-core processor actually does.
We won't bore you with an NVIDIA for dummies guide, but the Tegra will bring faster web browsing and sharper visuals. In other words, life will be better.

Of course, life's always better when you're in the sun.

Models are expected to jet off to all manner of glamorous locations at the drop of a Chanel hat. Whether you're going on assignment to Brazil or with your folks to Bognor, the Surface has your back.

Some 32GB of storage means you'll be able to watch your favourite films while camera crews prepare or you wait for mum to put her face on in the hotel bathroom.

Fashion and tech are all about trends, and the cloud is a massive look for 2013.

Naturally, the Surface has its head among the white fluffy stuff up in the sky. With additional cloud storage through Microsoft's SkyDrive you'll be able to take the party with you, even if your record collection is more Fatboy than Slim.
Models are famed for their beauty, but they also have to be pretty thick-skinned when dealing with photographers and agents who tell them they just 'don't have the right look, darling'.

Similarly, the Surface combines achingly hip style with a tough outer layer said to be lighter and stronger than aluminium, meaning it's robust enough to take the occasional knock.

Its toughness may surprise when you look at it in the flesh - it's skinnier than the blokes in the Dior ads in GQ.
But for all its slinkiness it stands tall and firm.

In fact, place in its kickstand mode it looks positively statuesque - a true object of desire, redolent of stark and angular Italian furniture which looks so right in sparse loft apartments favoured by the fashion glitterati.
With the kickstand kicked you can sit back and watch videos, or flick through your photos with a friend.

Of course, if you're particularly proud of your outfit or toned beach bod, you may want to show the snaps on the TV.
This isn't a problem for the Surface thanks to an HD video port - which, along with USB ports and a Micro SD slot make the tablet better connected than Kate Moss at fashion week.

The Surface is pretty enough to appeal to the cool kids on looks alone, but techies will find plenty of punch when they peel back the designer look.

Whether fashion pack or tech dad, scratch the Surface and you'll be hungry for more.