Apple unveils new iPads, iMac and Mac mini in California

Apple has launched the iPad Air 2, which it says in the ´world´s thinnest tablet´, alongside a heap of other tech goodies. Here´s everything you need to know...

16 Oct 2014


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The iPad Air 2 has landed - and it's even slimmer and lighter than its predecessor. 

Apple says the iPad Air 2 is the thinnest tablet in the market - measuring 6.1mm thick. It was launched at a special event in California.ipad air 2 group

(Credit: Apple) 

Phil Schiller, Apple marketing chief, said iPad Air 2 is 'the thinnest tablet in the world'.


ipad air 2 thin


(Credit: Apple) 

It also gets Apple's fingerprint sensor, Touch ID for improved security and mobile payments via Apple Pay (not yet launched in the UK). With it you can unlock your iPad with the tap of your finger.

iPad Air 2 hand

(Credit: Apple) 


The iPad Air 2 is powered by a faster processor, the A8X. This 64-bit chip is like the one used in iPhone 6.

With it iPad Air 2 will be 40% faster and have 2.5 times better graphics than its predecessor.  It will also be available in a gold model - for those who like their tech bling - as well as silver and space grey.

The first iPad launched in 2010 and Apple CEO said in that time the product has 'transformed the way we work, the way we play (and) the way we communicate'.

He called it a 'magical device'.

But what else is new with iPad Air 2?

iPad Air 2 anti glare

(Credit: Apple) 


Well, it comes with a special anti-glare screen, which Apple says can reduce reflections by 56%. Anyone who has suffered glare when trying to read their iPad on the train will welcome this addition.

The camera has also been overhauled, with Burst Mode included for taking multiple photos in quick succession. 


iMac gets a super-sharp Retina screen

The iMac gets a revolutionary super-sharp screen  - coming 30 years after the first Apple Mac was introduced.

Apple say this is the 'most beautiful and powerful iMac ever'.

iMac 5K

(Credit: Apple) 


The new 27-inch model will now include Apple's Retina display technology, packing in 14.7 million pixels.

Apple says 'text appears sharper than ever, videos are unbelievably lifelike, and you can see new levels of detail in your photos'.

The Retina 5K technology is four times sharper than the existing 27-inch iMac and has five times as many pixels as an HD TV. This is good news for designers and illustrators but also people who enjoy watching streaming services like Netflix.


New iPad mini with touch ID and Mac mini

Apple also launched new versions of its smaller products - the iPad Mini 3 tablet and Mac Mini desktop computer.

The iPad Mini 3 also gets Touch ID and has an A7 processor. It has a 7.9inch screen.iPad Mini 3

(Credit: Apple) 


The Mac mini is Apple's entry level computer, and now Apple has given it an even lower starting price.  It also gets the latest fourth generation Intel processors for faster performance and better graphics. 

Welcome, Yosemite

Apple's latest Mac operating system - OS X Yosemite - is available from today. A headline feature of Yosemite is syncing with other Apple devices. You are able to make and receive phone calls from your iMac, as well as sharing documents between your iMac and iPhone or iPad.

It also gets a new toolbar and notification centre.

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