Apple´s Ive gets Blue Peter honour

Apple design chief Sir Jonathan Ive has been honoured with a gold Blue Peter badge

15 Feb 2013


School kids who have Blue Peter badges are almost immediately considered 'cool' - now that has come full circle, with Apple's Sir Jonathan Ive being given one for being inherently cool.

I Phone

But Apple's design chief, who helped create the iPhone, isn't merely picking up the standard badge of honour given to your old classmates for making a paper mache Tracy Island, oh no, he has been awarded a special gold Blue Peter badge.

Like most British kids, Sir Jonathan, known as Jony, probably spent most of his childhood hoping he'd get his mitts on one and now those hopes will finally be fulfilled.

The long-running TV show has only handed out around 1,000 of these special awards in its history, with an illustrious list of recipients including superstar footballer David Beckham and Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

The very fact 'Jony' can now be talked about in the same breath as those iconic figures shows just how switched on youngsters are becoming to the world of gadgets.

Since iPhones were first introduced they have transformed our daily lives, making just as much of an impact on kids as they have on tech-hungry professionals like you or I.

The British executive was heavily involved with the creation of the hand-held wonder and the popular iMac.

In October he was given the additional responsibility of "leadership and direction for human interface across the company", in addition to being Apple's industrial design boss. And back in May he was knighted for his services to design and enterprise.

So it's been a pretty big year for Sir Jonathan - especially when you throw in the fact his design team was named the best brand and design studio of the previous 50 years at the Design and Art Direction (D&AD) awards in September.  

Blue Peter described him as an "inspiration to children around the world" and he said the news was "absolutely incredible".

On Saturday, he will feature on a special gadget-themed episode of Blue Peter, giving out some top tech tips to viewers.

During the special, which is set to be broadcast at 10am, he reviews designs sent in by children and talks about his memories of watching previous Blue Peter presenters reusing a detergent bottle to make a paintbrush holder.

"I loved the way there was just products that you thought were no longer useful, but reusing them," he said.

In true Blue Peter spirit, Sir Jonathan also presents the show wearing his own aluminium version of the badge, made using Apple's equipment, saying: "Here's one that we made earlier."