Best in class: we compare tablets at the top of the market

The tablet market is a crowded one. Finding the one that’s right for you can be a challenge, so whether you want to compare our full range of tablets or find out who wins in the battle of iPad vs Nexus 7, we’re here to help.

13 Feb 2014


The tablet market is a crowded one.  Finding the one that's right for you can be a challenge, so whether you want to compare our full range of tablets or find out who wins in the battle of iPad vs Nexus 7, we're here to help.


Google Nexus 7


The latest 7" tablet from Google is the Nexus 7.  This second-generation tablet is still considered one of the best 7" Android's in the UK market today, despite it being available for over six months.

The original Nexus was a success due to its low price tag but high build quality and design specification.  The Nexus 7 costs more, but as soon as you get it out of the box you'll see where the money's gone.

It's light. Really light, measuring in at just 290g.  It's slim.  Ultra slim, measuring just 8.7mm in thickness.  Even though it's only a few millimetres that have been shaved off the width it makes a real difference even in comparison to its closest rival, the Kindle Fire.

The screen is also a real plus point; if you're after great clarity for photos (taken with either one of the Nexus 7's two cameras) and internet browsing then the incredibly detailed 1080p HD display is sure not to disappoint.

Aside from its great looks, the Nexus 7 also looks good under the bonnet.  Its Snapdragon S4 processor is capable of quick processing no matter what the app and runs the powerful yet easy to use Android 4.4 operating system with ease.  It's also got lots of user-focused features such as the new 'Immersive mode', perfect for uninterrupted reading, watching and gaming.

Perfect for:  a powerful OS, compact design, HD display


Amazon Kindle


The showpiece model in the budget tablet market remains the Amazon Kindle, and the Kindle Fire HD is the latest offering.  The major selling point is its amazing price tag; starting at £119.99 for an 8GB model, it represents fantastic value for money for a tablet of this spec and build quality. 

It does, however, have some downsides; restricted access to the Google app store, no camera, cellular capabilities and only a fixed amount of internal storage that can't be expanded.

The Kindle Fire HD runs the new Fire OS 3.0 operating system, which might not be to everyone's taste.  As mentioned before, it's a highly customised version of Android which restricts access to the Google app store.

Its new and improved Adreno 330 graphics processor delivers an impressive frame rate and console-quality graphics, which alongside the crystal-clear full HD display produces a stunning viewing experience, perfect for those looking to enjoy some serious gaming on the go.

Perfect for:  Serious gamers, those looking for excellent value




Apple iPad

I Pad

For many people the strength of the Apple brand makes this the only tablet to go for.  It is indeed a real design classic, and in this latest fifth-generation model, the iPad Air doesn't disappoint. 

With slick design, enhanced performance and a powerful A7 chip with up to 10 hours of battery life, plus even faster Wi-Fi, the iPad Air could be the tablet of your dreams, if you're willing to fork out the £399 price tag for it.

The iPad Air runs iOS7, the seventh-generation of Apple's mobile operating system.  It's simple, reliable and intuitive, offering access to the iTunes store for music, movies and apps.  It's also great for emails, social media and web browsing. 

It's got both a front and rear facing camera but if you've got a real photographers eye and are after something with razor sharp picture quality you might be better going with another tablet, such as the Google Nexus 7. The audio quality from the internal speakers might sound a bit thin if you're after something with really high sound quality and in that case the Nexus might be a better option.

Nevertheless, criticisms are few and far between and if you're after an exceptional tablet then the iPad Air is unlikely to disappoint.

Perfect for: surfing the web, social media, email and Steve Jobs fans


Samsung Galaxy


The first generation Samsung Galaxy 10.1 was perhaps the closest rival to Apple's iPad.  Things have changed a bit now, but Samsung's latest Galaxy Tab 3 does give it a good run for its money and also contends with the inexpensive, game-changing Nexus 7.

Sporting a powerful 1.2 GHz dual-core processor it delivers an exceptional level of performance, easy usability and great graphics at your fingertips.  It's also supremely light and portable, which means you can take it with you everywhere with ease and comfort.

Stunning high resolution graphics and seamless multi-tasking make this a great option for users looking for both a superior gaming experience and easy internet, music and video use.

The Galaxy Tab 3's display is vibrant and clear, but don't be expecting Apple levels of detail and clarity.  Its battery life is good for a budget tablet option, but again, don't be expecting this baby to keep going for hours on end.

Perfect for:  gaming, easy internet, music and video


Obviously, each of these excellent products has its own benefits so it's all about deciding on what you want from your tablet. If you're still stuck, head over to the Currys website for a more in-depth tablet comparison!