Big, powerful and productive – meet the iPad Pro

iPad Pro is great for work, and for play. It’s got a bigger screen and more power than any other iPad. And that’s before we’ve even mentioned the Pencil…

The new iPad Pro is great for work, and for play.

Apple’s latest tablet is the largest and most capable iPad to date – it boasts a bigger screen, more power and supports cool new features like the nifty Apple Pencil stylus.

It’s as comfortable running demanding design apps as it is Netflix and Facebook.

How is it different from iPad Air?

You can’t miss the main difference – its size. iPad Pro has an epic 12.9-inch screen.  The iPad Air 2, in comparison, is 9.7 inches.

Both screens show images in super-sharp detail thanks to pixel-packed Retina display technology.

Less obvious at first sight is the difference in power. iPad Pro packs more processing power and faster graphics than iPad Air 2 thanks to its A9X chip.  It’s got 1.8 times the CPU and 2 times the graphics performance of iPad Air 2.

While it’s bigger than the Air, iPad Pro is only slightly heavier – measuring 6.9mm thin and weighing just 713g. And it can last for 10 hours on a single charge.

Getting set up – how easy is it?

iPad Pro is ready to use immediately thanks to an intuitive design. You can unlock your device and open apps with your fingerprint using touch ID.

Once you’re in, get online without any fuss – it connects to the internet seamlessly with ultrafast wireless connectivity.

iPad Pro at work

iPad Pro works as hard as it plays. Whether running vast spreadsheets in Excel or editing 4K video streams, typing up reports or working on an illustration project. With it you can:

  • Run demanding creative design applications from Adobe thanks to the super-fast A9X processor, which Apple says ‘rivals most portable PCs’.
    How powerful is it? Video editors can render multiple streams of 4K video at the same time – that’s serious oomph.
  • Work up-close in design apps like Photoshop Fix with the incredibly detailed Retina screen, which packs in 5.6 million pixels – text will be razor sharp too.
  • Write emails and type reports by attaching the separate Smart Keyboard. It uses clever tech to exchange data and power – no need for cables.
  • Draw fine detail or take notes directly on screen with the Apple Pencil – a stylus designed to recognise how hard you’re pressing down, to create different strokes and effects.
  • Work apps: You can download apps for Excel, Word and PowerPoint. While creatives have access to Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop Fix and Adobe Comp.

iPad Pro at home

iPad Pro is a grafter, but it’s definitely not all work and no play. It knows how to chill, and how to party.

  • Lose yourself in a movie on the vast 12.9-inch screen – expect lifelike colours, rich detail and deep blacks thanks to 5.6 million pixels and a 78% larger screen than iPad Air 2.
  • Sound is more immersive with the four-speaker setup. It has a wider frequency range and up to three times more output than on any other iPad.
  • Immerse yourself in demanding 3D gaming sessions – the fast processor, large screen and high-end audio will keep your eyes on the prize. 
  • Show off your holiday photos, they’ll look rich and vivid on the Retina screen. 

Getting the best from iOS 9

You can really get the best from the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system with iPad Pro. 

Its larger screen, stylus and other features perfectly complement iOS 9 features that help you multitask, such as: 

  • Slide Over: make notes while browsing the web by bringing up a second app in the sidebar

Split View: have Safari open while you chat on Messages, as you can run two apps at the same time. Both apps can run smoothly thanks to the powerful processor

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