Bring out the green-eyed monster with the HP Envy ultrabook 4

The sleek, stylish HP Envy ultrabook 4 is perfect for work and play wherever you are.

03 Apr 2013


If you've always wondered why your missus has a face on every time some Hollywood celeb sheds her baby weight in five minutes, the HP Envy Ultrabook 4 will help you understand.

HP Envy 4 Ultrabook

The undeniable anger and jealousy that seeps out of her pores when flicking through the glossy weeklies might seem a bit extreme, but looking on as others carry around this sleek piece of kit might just cause you to break out in a rash too.

HP's "Less to carry, more to Envy" tagline is pretty apt for this eye-catching notebook that will turn heads in the office, on the train or down the pub.

In the same way that lucky celeb moms like Beyonce and Victoria Beckham are gliding through life again long before most 'normal' women, HP's easy-to-carry notebook stands head-and-shoulders above its competitors.

For some time now, using hand-held gadgets to access the web on the move has become a vital component of our lives - and the scourge of pub quizzes - but that is now starting to transfer more and more into people's working lives.

This is where the 2cm-deep HP Envy Ultrabook 4, which can weigh in at less than 1.81kg, comes into play.

Its ultra-thin, lightweight package is perfect for slotting into a satchel and always having it handy in case work needs doing after you've already left the office.

With a sleek metal design that comes in Natural Silver or Midnight Black, it's a laptop anyone would be proud to display in front of colleagues or clients.

Meanwhile, with built-in Intel Smart Response Technology, saved presentations can be accessed within seconds of powering up the machine to avoid any embarrassing fumbling around or load-up times.

The technology works by consuming low levels of power when the PC is inactive, which makes it resume more quickly when it's needed. This also helps to extend the battery life of the ultrabook, which can go for up to eight hours, making it perfect for work or play during long journeys.

Don't go thinking this is just a boring work gadget though, because the Envy 4 also packs a considerable punch on the entertainment front too.

With Beats Audio speakers built-in, it is perfect for enjoying your favourite tunes with perfect clarity. Meanwhile, the 14-inch diagonal HD Brightview LED-backlit display makes it great for kicking back and enjoying a great flick - or even a bad one, if no-one else is around to criticise your guilty pleasures.