Buying a family laptop? Keep everyone happy and on budget

Family life can be hectic – you need a laptop versatile enough to meet everyone’s needs at the right price…

15 Aug 2017


Family laptop

From mum and dad to teenagers and younger children, everyone wants something different from their laptop. So finding one that can be used by the whole family is a tough ask. You need something to cover… 

  • Homework projects after school
  • Those mornings when you work from home
  • Online grocery shopping and family finances
  • Finalising your fantasy football team
  • Down-time with Netflix boxsets and BBC iPlayer catch-up

To fulfil all of this, you’ll need a pretty versatile laptop – and of course it’ll have to match your budget.

Introducing the Lenovo Ideapad 320S...Lenovo IdeaPad

Lower-priced laptop with luxury styling

Lower-priced laptops often sacrifice style and design. Not so with the Ideapad. Thin and lightweight, it’s finished in a soft, metallic plastic. Open the lid and the keyboard and trackpad look cool and contemporary. This doesn’t look or feel like a £400 laptop.


Enough power for everyday

There are more powerful laptops you can buy with a bigger budget, but for everyday family life, there’s plenty of oomph with this Lenovo.

You can work on documents in Word, watch videos on YouTube or do your online grocery shop, all with everything running nice and smoothly. This is thanks to the Intel Pentium processor and 4GB RAM or internal memory.Lenovo IdeaPad

But all this power doesn’t mean you have to compromise on portability. Weighing less that 2kg, the Lenovo is feather-light compared to laptops just a few years older, ideal if you want portable entertainment for the kids on long car journeys, or just want a laptop that you can take on the move.

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Don’t lose a second

With the school run, your office commute, after-school clubs, cooking dinner and seeing friends, the family schedule is a finely balanced affair where seconds count.

Wasting time waiting for your laptop to start or an email to open can be the difference between you staying on schedule or having a diary disaster.

Thankfully you can save those vital seconds with the Ideapad. Everything is fast – from booting your laptop to shutting it down and transferring files to opening large emails. This is because it uses a new type of storage called SSD.


Silence (and sturdiness) is golden

You’re on the sofa sorting out bills while the rest of the family are watching TV. Your laptop is whirring and clunking and disturbing everyone. That’s because traditional hard drives are noisy. The SSD storage found in the Ideapad is virtually silent.Quiet SSD

Unlike a regular hard drive, it has no moving parts so as well as being quieter, it’s also more sturdy (peace of mind when someone balances it on the arm of the sofa).


Built for box-set binging

We’re now a nation of binge viewers, with 40 million people watching multiple episodes of Netflix and iPlayer shows in one go – says Ofcom. This trend is most popular among 16-24 year olds.

The Ideapad is perfect for binge watching, with its large (14-inch) screen treated with an anti-glare coating and 7 hours’ battery life (just one more episode).

The latest Netflix Originals series will sound good too thanks to the inclusion of two Harman speakers and Dolby Audio to keep dialogue crisp and sound effects atmospheric. 

Once they’ve plugged their headphones in, you can catch-up on real TV undisturbed.


The family who are always on the go

If you’re always on the move, either ferrying kids around or trying to get out for weekend family time, you may benefit from 2 in 1 laptop.

Take the Lenovo Yoga 520 – it’s a both laptop and tablet in one. It looks and feels like a thin and lightweight laptop but push the screen all the way back on its hinge and you have a tablet. It also comes with a handy digital pen, and has a huge 10.4 hours of battery life.Lenovo Yoga 520

This makes it perfect for use on the go….

  • Keep the kids happy with Netflix on long car journeys
  • Catch up with your favourite celeb news on the train to work
  • Jot down notes in a meeting or write shopping lists over a coffee 

Whether you’re always on the go or often at home, we’ve got the perfect laptop for your family.

Get the Lenovo Ideapad 320S – the laptop for all the family, or the Lenovo Yoga 520 - for families on the go.