Buying for a workaholic? The Note 10.1 – the tablet that’s great for work and play

With its great screen and digital pen, the Note 10.1 blends the best of work and play...

22 Oct 2013


Buying for a self-confessed workaholic this Christmas?

How about a tablet that allows them to bring their work home, leaves them feeling as smooth as the cast of Mad Men and helps them relax when they're finally done for the day?  With Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 your other half will go from flopped-out to fully-focused in seconds.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

With a super-fast quad core processor and a much higher resolution screen than the previous Note, the 10.1 makes catching up with the latest from Madison Avenue and browsing the web a smooth experience, while an improved digital pen for taking notes on screen will turn the sofa into an impromptu office when duty calls.

Working at home and on holiday is often frowned upon, but it's something we're doing more and more. A study from Ipsos and Accor hotel's Pullman brand showed two in five of us take our laptop on holiday, while 90% work or check emails during their break.

Man Working At Home

And the Note 10.1 is the perfect tablet for those who are married to the job. With the new pen they'll be able to scrawl notes and draw pie charts directly onto the screen, while a cool multi-screen feature lets them surf the web or watch a video while also working on a document.

Take notes from the sofa with digital pen

How many times have you heard your other half say they need to prepare for a meeting but they cannot be bothered digging out the laptop? If you're sick of hearing them moan you'll be pleased to know that with the S Pen they'll be able to make notes on the screen while remaining in the horizontal position on the sofa.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 S Pen

They can activate features in seconds by merely hovering the pen over the screen. From taking notes and searching the web to annotating graphs and diagrams, Air Command makes it smoother than a Brylcreemed slick back.

This is also great if they're at a meeting and need to take down a colleague's phone number or email address; merely writing onto the tablet screen is so much cooler than digging out a smartphone from their bag. Once it's been scrawled onto the screen, it will be automatically filed in their address book, giving your man some serious Don Draper style.

Impress fellow commuters by keeping it smooth on the train

The Air Command shortcuts are also great for taking down notes and numbers without annoying other passengers on a packed train home. It shouldn't make us mad, but for some reason people who bend down and root around in their bag for a pen that clearly isn't there elicit real anger after a long day.

Can you imagine Draper sticking his bum in a fellow passenger's face as he bends double to search his bag while heading home from Madison Avenue?  No, and neither should your man. With the Note 10.1 they simply step onto the train with the tablet under their arm, hover the pen over its screen and they can be writing in seconds.

Man In Smart Suit

Writing on a cramped train is hardly going to produce copperplate writing, but a scruffy scrawl is no real challenge for the Note as it accurately follows handwriting strokes. And if they'd rather see typed text than their scrawl it can do that too - converting their spidery hand into type.

Enjoy the football while finishing that report

After a hard week in the office does he like to take over the sofa for Super Sunday every weekend? Now he'll be able to watch the match while also doing work thanks to a cool split-screen feature. Hit the Multiscreen button to run a webpage or video alongside a document or spreadsheet, with each taking up half the screen.

But it's not all work…

But as we said earlier, this tablet is as good for play as it is for work. With a four-million pixel screen goals will look much better than they actually are as they're scored, while they can remember those that are truly great by pinning them to the Pinterest-like scrapbook feature along with shoes they want to buy and articles about 'how to win at work'.

Meanwhile, if you're sick of the football you can nick the tablet and use its handy remote control feature to switch over, while you can also use the MyFiles app to arrange reminders for the shows you love. Such as Mad Men, the stars of whom your man is much closer to emulating thanks to a tablet that keeps him smooth, sophisticated and one step ahead of the pack.