Dell XPS, Alienware and Inspiron laptops pack portable power

Dell’s XPS range is now available at Currys with Alienware and Inspiron ranges soon to follow. We take a look at the most exciting products and what they could do for you…

27 Jun 2016


Dell Inspiron

XPS: Light, portable, powerful 

Dell’s XPS (or, Xtreme Performance System) range aims to combine exceptional build quality with high performance, and with a portfolio of laptops, desktops and 2 in 1 models, there is as much versatility as there is power.

Each model in the XPS range is crafted with both durability and portability at the forefront of its design. If you’re used to lugging a heavy laptop around as you dash between meetings, those days could soon be over.

Two perfect examples of this innovation are the XPS 13 and XPS 15 laptops. Precision carved from aluminium, the body can survive all the usual bumps and scrapes of day-to-day life in your rucksack, while the ultra-thin design makes the laptops light. In fact, the XPS 15 is the smallest 15.6” laptop on the market.

But don’t be deceived by the slim design – the XPS range still packs a punch when it comes to power. Available in a range of processors, including the latest 6th Gen Intel Core i7, these devices can handle the most demanding creative work - and everything else in between.

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Dell XPS 15

You can also rest assured that all this power will see you through the day, too. With up to 12 hours battery life in the XPS 13 and 15 models, you won’t have to worry about a flat battery while you’re on the go.

Now, we know that XPS laptops are travel-friendly and powerful, but what about design? The XPS range is filled with little touches that make the models practical, innovative, and very easy on the eye.

Ideal if you’re a bit of a night owl, the precision touchpad and backlit keyboard allows you to browse and work in low light conditions.

But perhaps one of the most attractive features of the XPS range is the screen. If you spend a lot of time streaming Netflix shows on your laptop, you’ll be pleased to know you can see all your favourite films in popping colour and super-sharp detail thanks to the 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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Dell XPS 13

Inspiron keeps the family connected

Ideal for everyday use around the home, Dell’s Inspiron range is all about you finding the right option for you and your family. Whether you’re a student, working in a home office, or simply want a computer for all the family, The Inspiron range has a variety of different options. 

  • 2 in 1s: Ideal for families on the go, this laptop transforms seamlessly into a tablet for portable entertainment.
  • Laptops: Great for day to day use, these laptops combine a portable body with a HD screen – perfect for watching a film or working on the go
  • Desktops: Designed to work for the whole family, these desktops combine powerful processors and graphics to create a desktop for both work and play.


Alienware gives power to gamers 

The Alienware range features PC hardware that is specifically designed for gamers. The devices are engineered to give you high performance and high quality graphics – everything a gamer could want.

Alienware doesn’t just stop at desktops either. Alienware laptops are ideal for taking the action with you, and with a stunning 4K resolution screen and optional graphics amplifier, you can get seriously immersive gameplay.


When can I get Alienware and Inspiron?

These will be available to buy from the Currys website at the end of July.

Whether you’re a businessperson, creative, gamer, or just need a device for day to day use, you can find a device to suit you from these three latest ranges.

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