Desktop PCs - Reborn, redefined, revolutionised

Some say the desktop is dead, we say it´s undergoing an exciting revolution. Read on to find out more...

22 Oct 2014


Do you think the desktop PC is dead? 

We beg to differ. We think the desktop is actually being reborn, redefined, revolutionised - with touchscreens, super-slim all-in-one design, apps and much more.

And sales figures back up this claim - reaching their second-highest since 2011, according to analyst IDC. 

Here's why it's more revolution than rest in peace for the desktop PC... 

They're much more future-proof than a laptop

Technology is in a continious cycle of change. The latest thing is soon replaced by another latest thing. With a desktop PC you can keep up to date with the technology by upgrading its components. Things like processor, RAM and graphics cards can all be changed with a desktop PC. 

They give you more power for your pound

A desktop will give you far more power for you price than a laptop. A desktop containing Intel's most powerful Core processors will be cheaper than an untra-slim laptop with the same component. For example the HP Pavilion  23-p030na has a powerful Core i5 processor for less than £700.

Core i5 processor: Faster web browsing, better performance for watching HD movies, and ability to handle multiple tasks efficiently, digital photography and image editing   

Large HD screens - great for watching movies and TV

The desktop PC should no longer be tucked away in a spare room. With elegant design and large, high-definition screens it deserves its place in the living room. Get the family together on the sofa and watch a DVD, or stream some back-to-back episodes of your favourite show on Netflix.

Look for a desktop with a 23-inch +, full-HD screen for the best experience. Some desktop PCs even feature Blu-ray players and 21.9 aspect ratios for a truly cinematic experience. 

Why it's a better option than a tablet: You can stream Netflix on a tablet but getting more than 2 people around a 10-inch screen is going to be a struggle - you can't really get the family around an iPad.  


They still have CD/DVD drives 

Apple has inspired a generation of ultra-thin, lightweight laptops designed with portability and style in mind. The average high-end laptop is now normally less than 18mm thick. To make laptops this slender the optical drive for CDS and DVDs has been binned.  

Screen size and power is essential for multimedia work 

If you work in graphic design, video editing or illustration then you're really going to benefit from the larger screen and more powerful processor of a high-end desktop like the Apple iMac.

The iMac has a large 21.5 to 27-inch screen, with better-than-HD resolution for working up close on video editing and graphics. You can opt for Inte Core i5 or i7 - both very powerful processor. 

Inte Core i7 processor:  this is needed for editing high-res video in programs like Final Cut Pro X, computer programming and 3D modelling. 


They're not as bulky as they used to be

Back in the day a desktop PC was great big lump of plastic that dominated the room in which it lived. Thank god those days are over. Instead the desktop PCs of today are far more svelte - with all-in-one models particularly slender. 

An all-in-one is a computer squeezed into slim monitor - there's no separate tower. So all you have to find space for is the monitor and your keyboard. And the monitors are much slimmer than those of yesteryear - despite ahving a whole PC squeezed inside them.  

Who said a PC had to be bulky?

They have touchscreens and mose-and-keyboard controls 

Tablets and smartphones have changed the way we interact with our devices - with a flick of the finger replacing the click of a mouse. The Windows 8.1 blends the best of both worlds by combining mouse-and-keyboard and touchscreen controls. 
New desktop PCs like the HP Pavilion   23-p030na have touchscreens to get the best from Windows 8.1. This means mouse-and-keyboard so you can control them like a tablet or a traditional computer. 

When will I use the touchscreen?

  • Browsing the web: Microsoft has redesigned Internet Explorer for touch. Larger tabs and simpler controls allow you to surf your favourite sites with a simple swipe 
  • Watching movies: Put the keyboard away for movie night. Scroll and select the film you want on Netflix, and hit pause to get some snacks - all by simply tapping the screen  

With Windows 8 you can open apps on your desktop by simply tapping the tiles on screen, while you can swipe from one screen to another with the flick of a finger.

They have more space to store all your music and movies 

Desktop computers generally come with much more interal storage than laptops and tablets. If you're into film and music and have large colections of both this is something to consider. The HP Pavilion 500-326na has a huge 1TB hard drive.  

What can I get on a 1TB hard drive? 320,000 photos or 16,660 hours of music - Seagate 

It's always there for all the family to use

Having devices that fit in our pockets and follow us wherever we go is a wonderful thing. But there's something to be said for ones that stay in one place.

A desktop PC can't be spirited away to someone's bedroom or school bag. It's anchored to the living room desk - there to be used by the whole family whenever it's needed.

The PC redefined

Maybe when you started reading this you believed the desktop was dead? Hopefully we've given you a little food for thought.

Touchscreens, apps, sexy, slender devices... this is the PC redefined.

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