Four convertible laptops our experts love

Laptop or tablet? Now you can have both with a new generation of devices which switch from laptop to tablet. We´ve hand-picked four which we love...

Since the iPad landed on our laps the 'tablet or laptop' debate has been held around many a kitchen table.

After all, not everyone has the cash for both. But a new generation of devices which switch between laptop and tablet modes now offer the best of both worlds. We've put together a list of our top four convertible laptops - whether you want the swankiest or something more budget-friendly.

Each of our examples runs Windows 8, which was designed to get the best from both tablets and laptops. The Windows 8 Start screen is filled with colourful tiles, to open one just tap with your finger.

Behind each tile you'll find programmes such as Word and Excel, Internet Explorer, your daily diary, music and photos, as well as apps for everything from Netflix, Lovefilm and Twitter to BBC News, Skype and Angry Birds.

Sony Vaio Tap 11 - great if you bring your work home with you

:: Thinner and lighter than Surface Pro 2
:: Powerful Intel processor
:: Digital pen

Sony VAIO Duo 11 Tap

Spend your evenings using your laptop to prepare for the next day in work and your tablet for browsing the web and catching up on Netflix? With the Sony Vaio Tap 11 you'll have the power of a high-end laptop and the convenience of a touchscreen tablet in one device.

The Vaio Tap 11 is a high-end tablet with a wireless keyboard that attaches to it via magnets. With an Intel Core i5 processor and an 11.6-inch screen it can handle whatever spreadsheets and reports your boss has demanded you have done by tomorrow morning.

It also includes a handy digital pen so you can scrawl notes directly onto the screen.  

When your work is done for the night, ditch the keyboard before enjoying some chill time in tablet mode, with all the Windows 8 apps we mentioned earlier. Super slim and lightweight, the Vaio Tap 11 is also the perfect companion for the commute. Leave the keyboard in your bag or at home, and while away the train journey with an episode of your favourite show.

Craig Watson, our Assistant Category Manager for Laptops, said the Vaio Tap 11 "offers powerful processing, increased portability and innovative features".

HP Pavilion x2 - convertible tablet on a budget

:: Budget price
:: Detachable tablet
:: Apps for everything from Netflix to Skype

HP Pavilion 11

Want to see what convertible laptops are all about without spending much? The HP Pavilion x2 will show what one can bring to your life without making too big a dent on your wallet. If you're looking for a laptop that's powerful enough for web browsing, streaming video, and word processing then this is a great introduction to the world of convertibles.

Convenient, easy to use and pretty much instant, touchscreen tablets such as the iPad or Google Nexus are great. But sometimes you really miss having a keyboard - opening an account on a shopping site, responding to urgent work emails or writing long Facebook replies.  
With the Pavilion you can use the tablet to find that perfect pair of jeans via the fuss-free touchscreen, before connecting the detachable laptop keyboard for inputting your address and card details.

The Pavilion convertible runs the Windows 8 operating system, which was designed with tablets in mind.  Fill its homescreen with apps that'll take you to your favourite things by simply tapping on a colourful tile.

If you want to watch movies get the Netflix app, if you like to keep abreast of the headlines you can find one for BBC News. With everything from Angry Birds and Skype, Halo and Twitter, there's an app for everyone.

Alternatively just tap the web browser tile and surf the web. If you're looking for a laptop that's powerful enough for web browsing, streaming video, and word processing then this is a great introduction to the world of convertibles.

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro - as good in the office as it is at home

:: Power and speed of high-end ultrabook
:: Better-than-HD screen
:: Stand mode great for giving presentations

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

Want a convertible that can be taken into the office and used as your actual work laptop? Check out the Lenovo Yoga Pro 2.
It converts from laptop to tablet via a flexible hinge that allows the screen to fold completely back on itself to become a touchscreen tablet.

However, tech site Cnet says the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is more focused on being a laptop than it is a tablet - calling it 75% laptop. When in laptop mode Cnet says the Yoga is a "joy to use", with a keyboard that picks up on miss-hit keys, a powerful processor and a super-sharp screen.

Whether working in Photoshop or running Word, Excel and PowerPoint simultaneously, the Intel Core i5 processor keeps everything sharp and speedy. If you need to work on the train home there are seven hours battery life and a backlit keyboard.

Don't like working on documents and spreadsheets in the new Windows 8 interface? Revert to traditional desktop mode, which looks the same as the Windows you've always known, and use your keyboard and mouse as well as touch.
The convertible hinge is also great for giving work presentations as it allows you to stand it like a tepee and talk people through what's on screen - hands free.

Of course, stand mode is also great if you're watching last night's EastEnders on the iPlayer or a movie on Lovefilm. Film lovers will also love the upgraded screen - which offers a better picture than your HD TV.

HP Envy x2 - great for use on the go, as a tablet or laptop

:: Excellent battery life
:: Detachable tablet
:: Beats Audio technology

HP Envy X 2 Convertible

Want a laptop-tablet combo that is great for use on the go, looks cool and has the music fan in mind? Look no further than the HP Envy x2. At 11.6 inches it's small enough to fit in your bag and travel with you, with the screen lifting off the keyboard dock to become a tablet weighing not much more than an iPad.

The tablet screen lifts off the laptop when you flick a simple switch, and both devices contain their own battery.  When in tablet mode you can expect around eight hours' battery life and more than 10 when using as a laptop, according to a review by Cnet.
It gets its excellent battery life from an Intel Atom processor but as this is a lower powered processor then avoid the Envy if you're after a work laptop.

Who wants to work when you can have fun though? With Beats Audio technology built in, the Envy is great for listening to tunes. And thanks to HP hooking up with Universal Music you can also listen to your favourite bands for free.

Nevertheless the Envy is more than powerful enough for all your tablet-style web browsing and social media updating, as well as word processing and streaming videos from YouTube and Netflix.

Our experts say: "The Envy X2 represents a whole new type of computing. Boasting an ultra mobile design that lets you morph it from a laptop to a tablet, it provides a practical but flexible design, with a secure hinge that means you don't have to worry about it detaching."