Gadget Show Live – from tabletop PCs and convertible laptops to Gangnam style robots and flying jetskis

Everything from tabletop PCs to robots which do Gangnam Style has been on dispaly at Gadget Show Live

Everything from tabletop PCs to robots which do Gangnam Style were on display at the press day for Gadget Show Live.

Lenovo Stand

We first introduced you to Lenovo's IdeaCentre Horizon at the International CES and the 27-inch table PC was the main event on the Lenovo stand as it made its UK debut in Birmingham.

Lenovo also showed off its ultra flexible Yoga 13 and 11, and gave us the lowdown on the soon-to-be-released Yoga 11S - which combines the size of the 11inch device with the power of the 13inch version.

Walk like a man, dance like Gangnam Style

Meanwhile, NAO robots that can be programmed to walk - and dance - like humans were cutting a dash on the Active Robots stand in the Future Tech Zone. The 22-inch tall robots are designed and built by French firm Aldebaran Robotics and are primarily used in education and research. 

But as much as they looked cool dancing to Psy's global smash hit we were on the hunt for TVs, tablets and PCs set to revolutionise our living room in the here and now.

And we found them.

The board game redefined

We gave you the inside line on the Lenovo Horizon at CES in January and once you've finished congratulating us for being way ahead of the game we'll remind you why it's so great.

When stood up the device can be used as a regular Win8 PC, but lay it down on a table or other flat surface and it becomes a behemoth of touchscreen gaming. Several people can use the device at once, so it's great for getting the family around the table on a Sunday afternoon.

Spin the roulette wheel by touching the screen, or throw down the e-dice.

Lenovo Horizon

James Pank, Lenovo UK's product manager, said: "Horizon makes personal computing interpersonal computing with shared, collaborative experiences among several people and we're delighted to be showing it off to the public for the first time at Gadget Show Live."

It's due to be released in the summer. 

New Lenovo Yoga coming soon

But it wasn't just the Horizon making our day.

As we already mentioned, we were also treated to a look around the IdeaPad Yoga and given the rub on the new 11S version of the machine.

Pank highlighted the power and productivity of the upcoming 11S, calling it a "mini ultrabook". 

He said: "The soon to be launched Yoga 11s combines the features that consumers love in the Yoga 13 and Yoga 11 into one convertible Windows 8 PC. We've pumped more power and productivity into this multi-mode, mini-ultrabook so it can handle whatever mobile computing task people throw at it."

The 11S merges a more compact 11.6in screen of the older Yoga 11, with the greater processing power of the Yoga 13. The 11S will come pre-loaded with Windows 8, have 8GB of RAM, and hard disc space of up to 256GB.

Yoga makes computing flexible

Lenovo said we could expect the 11S in the summer, but until then the flexibility of the Yoga 11 and 13 will keep us more than happy.

Like the name suggests, Yoga latptops and ultrabooks bend and flex to meet our every whim - changing from laptop to tablet effortlessly.

Idea Pad Yoga

They feature a revolutionary 360 degree hinge, which folds from laptop to tablet in one simple motion.

All told, Yoga devices contort into four different modes - all set to make our lives easier.

We're all smart cookies here so won't bother explaining laptop and tablet modes. However, 'stand' and the elusively named 'tent' warrant attention.

Stand is great for giving presentations and also brings us closer to the screen (for instance when we're sitting on a plane and space is at a premium).

Tent mode keeps things nice and firm, kissing goodbye to any shakes and wobbles you've experienced when using a touchscreen laptop. 

Reach for the skies with Jetovator

Once we'd finished we headed over to the NEC lake to see what was billed as the first UK demonstration of Jetovator. 

It's a bike frame which attaches to a jetski and uses water pressure to rise off the water's surface.

It's attached to a jetski via a 40-foot hose, with the water thrust redirected down the hose to push the Jetovator off the water's surface and into the air.

Gadget Show Jetovator

It looked pretty cool but strong winds sent us back inside for another look at the gadgets on display.

We've tried to cover some of the best tech we've seen today but there's plenty more to come tomorrow, including wireless speakers, 4K TVs and portable NFC-enabled photo printing - suits you sir. 

Thanks for tuning in, more to come soon from #GSLive.