Gadget Show´s Jason Bradbury ´loves´ Surface Pro 2 tablet

The Gadget Show man tells us why he loves Microsoft´s Surface Pro 2 tablet at Gadget Show Live @ Christmas

01 Nov 2013


The Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury has told us why he loves Microsoft's new Surface Pro 2 tablet.

The funky-glasses-and-flat-cap-wearing Channel 5 presenter gave the tablet his seal of approval in an exclusive interview backstage at The Gadget Show Live @ Christmas.

Jason Bradbury (2)

He told us the Surface Pro 2 "promises what the Surface promised last year - which is an alternative to the iPad".
Surface Pro 2 was launched last month alongside the Surface 2.

Surface Pro 2 is basically a high-power laptop squeezed into a tablet, and runs the full version of Microsoft's Windows 8.1 operating system and is powered by an Intel Haswell processor. It can also run the full Microsoft Office suite, so it's just as good for work as it is for play.

Jason said people assumed he was "some kind of Apple boy" but added that "if anything, I'm more of a PC head".
And if you like PCs but want to take it on the go, you're going to love Surface Pro 2.

Surface Pro 2 On Microsoft Stand

Jason said it was "perfect" for people who wanted to use it as a tablet for work. Speaking of the fact it can run full Microsoft Office software, he said: "I can do all my Office, I can do my PowerPoint, and spreadsheets and stuff - it's brilliant."

He also bigged up the "great super-thin cover"

He said people will assume he's saying he loves Surface Pro 2 because The Gadget Show Live is sponsored by Microsoft, but added that this annoys him.

Instead, he said, he simply likes the product, adding "that's all I care about". He added that in Surface Pro 2 Microsoft has created a tablet "worth considering".

The presenter also claimed the Surface Pro 2 is a great option for gamers.

He said: "It's a full version of 8.1 - so you can put Steam on it or download Black Ops or play Need for Speed."

He added: "It's just brilliant - I love it".

But what makes Surface Pro 2 so good for gaming and working at home?

We took a stroll over to the Microsoft stand to find out.

There, among thronging crowds of gadget fans, we found Ian Molster, Windows product manager.

He told us Surface Pro is both portable and powerful, making it great for working while out of the office. he described it as a work tablet you can also use for entertainment. 

He said: "It's such a portable device but it still has the full power of a Windows machine.
"You can do all the things you would do on a desktop PC on this really small tablet."

Surface Pro 2 (2)

He said it includes a "really fast, really good processor" - Intel's latest Haswell, in fact. Ian said the Haswell processor meant you can expect better battery life as well as faster browsing.

We've given much big love to Surface Pro 2, but we shouldn't forget it's little brother.

Ian on the Microsoft stand told us the Surface 2 was an entertainment tablet you could also use for work. So we asked him what made it so great when it came to lounging on the sofa.

And he told us just that.

He said: "Surafce 2 a really light thin machine with 10 hours' battery life, and comes pre-built with lots of entertainment and news apps."

Surface 2 (1)

Tablets are perfect for watching TV on Netflix and iPlayer, and Surface 2 will keep couch potatoes happy with its screen and apps.

Ian said its "high definition, bright, clear screen" makes it a good option for people who like catching up on TV shows on their tablet.

He said: "you can watch TV, play games, watch videos and films."

We also caught up with Ian Moulster (Product Manager at Windows), who gave us the low down on the new Surface tablets, and explained the key differences between the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2:

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So, do you love the Surface as much as Jason? Tell us what you think in the comments section below...