Gaming PCs – Playing with power

Consoles are great, but gaming PCs add a whole new level to your experience. We´ll show you what you should look out for in a good system.

If you're after the very best in gaming, you'll know that the consoles can't always compete with the sheer power of a gaming PC.  PC versions often boast better graphics and higher frame rates than console releases, but there are even more reasons to make a gaming PC the centre of your entertainment world.

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Gaming your way

You know what's most important to you when playing games, and it's easy to kit out your PC with all the accessories that matter.  For example, you may want to consider a gaming mouse and keyboard which boast extra sensitivity which is essential when playing fast-paced games.  Or if you prefer a gamepad, there are a whole range of excellent controllers including some that can also be used on the Xbox. 

 A good gaming PC will have plenty of USB ports to connect all your accessories to, plus plenty of other connections for things like HDMI monitors and surround sound systems.

Upgrade for more power

One of the great things about PCs is the ability to upgrade your components whenever you want to boost performance. 

The best gaming PCs will be designed with upgrading in mind, so there should be space to add extra RAM, hard drives or even a new graphics card.  This means you can enhance the performance of your PC without the need to buy a whole new system.

Download when you want

Gaming PCs normally have massive hard drives that can store far more than can fit on a console.  In addition, more and more gaming PCs boast super-fast SSD drives which will load your games faster than ever before.

Most PC games can be bought and downloaded from sites like Steam, so there's no need to trudge to the shops or wait for the post to arrive.  With a good internet speed, even the largest games will be downloaded and installed within a matter of hours.  And if you're using Steam, you can sync it up to a smartphone app that allows you to purchase and start the download no matter where you are - providing your PC is on.  So, you could buy a game via the app at lunchtime, set it installing and by the time you get home it'll be ready to play.  Lovely!

Mods mean more fun

Modding is one of the key advantages PC games have over their console versions.  There is a dedicated army of programmers out there creating new content for your favourite games, free of charge, and lots of it is amazing. 

It can take a little time and effort to find the best mods and get them working, but the online community is very helpful and there are lots of guides and videos showing you how to get started.  It can be well worth the effort, though, and add hours of enjoyment to your games.

More than games!

Shocking as it may seem, a PC isn't just a games machine.  You can also watch movies, listen to music, write letters, do your accounts, edit photos - all sorts of stuff.  But we're not sure why anyone would want to do that when there are so many games to play!  Give me that controller...

Why not try:

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Looking for an entry-level gaming PC to get you started on the ladder?  With enough room to expand when you need to and impressive style, the Cyberpower Empire Elite is a good PC for gamers on a budget. 

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If you've got a bigger budget and are ready for high-powered gaming, the Lenovo Eraze X510 is well worth considering.  With a fast processor, expandable RAM, NVIDIA graphics card and a speedy SSD hard drive, this has all you need to keep gaming for a long time.

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