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What do a travel vlogger, photographer, fashion blogger and fitness blogger have in common? They each started their journey with just a laptop and a whole lot of passion…

09 Aug 2016


With over a million fans across different social media channels between them, these bloggers have taken the internet by storm.

They all had to begin somewhere though. Follow their stories – you might just be inspired to get started yourself.


How did they get started? 

Emily Johnston from Fashion Foie Gras created her fashion blog while she was working in a PR job. Using her lunch hour as the launch pad for her site, she dedicated all her spare time to getting FFG off the ground.

It wasn’t easy putting in those 12-hour days, but it was worth it because she was truly following her passion for fashion. After 3 years, Emily was able to make the jump to full-time blogger and has made a successful career of it ever since.

See what Emily gets up to at her blog

Fashion Foie Gras

If you love photography and design, you’ll definitely want to have a look at Mike Kus’ work. Originally interested in graphic design, he began to take those skills and put them into photography. When Mike started his Instagram account he never imagined he’d amass a staggering 850,000 followers. This has allowed him to work with well-known brands across the globe. 

Check out Mike’s impressive photography

Mike Kus

George started his online journey making gaming videos and quickly developed a wide fan base. It wasn’t long before he was inspired to vlog about his other passion, travel, and his travel YouTube channel was born. Follow George’s adventures – from a day trip into London to hiking Table Mountain, and even witnessing the opening ceremony of the Football in France this summer. He’s documenting it all on film.

See where George’s latest travels have taken him

George Benson

Wellness blogger Madeline Shaw decided to take control of the food she was eating by taking a course in Sydney, Australia, where she developed a passion for whole food. After completing her studies, she returned to London and started a website where she could share her food and fitness philosophy with others. Since then, Madeline has branched out into social media and she’s even become a best-selling author.

Check out Madeline’s fitness philosophy

Madeleine Shaw

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