How tech transformed Mike Kus’ career in design

When Mike’s dad presented him with a Zenit camera as a kid, he had no idea it would kick-start a serious passion for photography and design…

10 Aug 2016


Mike Kus

Mike’s journey from amateur photographer to Instagram star wasn’t entirely straightforward though. In fact, taking photos fell by the wayside altogether while he pursued art and a degree in graphic design

From there he went on to build a solid reputation within the industry and made the move from print to digital. In 2007 he decided to expand his skill set in design and started to learn HTML and CSS – even building his first website for a client that same year. It was around this time that Mike rekindled his love of photography using the camera on his smartphone. He set up an Instagram account, where instant feedback gave him the inspiration to keep going. Today, with nearly 850,000 followers, it’s clear to see he’s made a real impact.

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Keep your mind open

For Mike photography is about having fun and getting creative. Having a background in art and design has really helped shape the way he approaches his photography. Whether he’s using his smartphone or DSLR, you’re likely to see him crouching down low to get the shot he wants.

It’s not about capturing the perfect photo though. Instead, Mike believes it’s about keeping your mind open to creative ideas. As he says, when you have an open mind there are endless photo opportunities all around you. This philosophy has helped Mike take some amazing photos around the globe. From the gondolas of Venice to the trolley cars in San Francisco and street food in India,  his smartphone camera has done some serious mileage.Mike Kus

Do things your own way

If there’s one thing he can’t live without, it’s technology – something he says has assisted his career in an extraordinary way. His phone and laptop are essential to the work he does and for keeping in touch with clients. 

For him a laptop is a great equaliser because it gives anyone the ability to work from anywhere and access to software that can enhance their creativity.

Mike isn’t afraid to rely on software to help him get the most from his photos. This is where his laptop shines – he takes it with him everywhere, using Photoshop to try to recreate the emotion that spurred him into taking the photo in the first place.

So what’s the one piece of advice Mike would give to an aspiring creative? “Do things your own way”, especially when it comes to following your passion. As he says, there can be a lot of pressure to do things a certain way that pleases other people – but this may not make you happy.


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