How to choose a tablet for schoolwork

With heaps of resources and special tech to aid learning, a tablet could be the perfect revision aid for your kids.

16 Jun 2018


choose a tablet for schoolwork

Thinking of investing? There are plenty of options, depending on what your child needs it for.


For writing essays and college coursework

Got a future James Joyce or Marian Keyes in your midst? Then make sure their new tablet has word processing software.

Most can be paired with wireless keyboards for easy typing, and, as tablets are far lighter than laptops, your budding author can take it anywhere to write.iPad

Try Apple’s iPadPages – Apple’s word processor – is a great tool for straightforward document creation. Prefer Word? No problem – just download it from the App store.

Android-lovers – don’t fret. You can also download Microsoft Office for Android tablets from the Google Play Store.


For revising on the go

There are various apps to help aid studying and revision – Pomodoro and Study Plan are just two available for download on Google Play.

Study planning and revision is never fun – but great screen quality and vibrant colour certainly make it easier on the eye.

Acer Iconia One !0"

The Acer Iconia One 10” has picture-perfect screen quality with HD-Ready display.

It also has a high-quality IPS panel screen with a 178-degree viewing angle, for optimum comfort while viewing.

Its 10 hours battery life means the kids can enjoy a little entertainment once their work is done and dusted, too.


Ever heard of eResearching?

eBooks aren’t just limited to novels. There’s a wealth of digital textbooks available too, so the kids can keep reading and researching wherever they are – no excuses!

They can be very engaging, with interactive quizzes and activities, but make the most of eBooks you’ll want to get your child a tablet with a readable screen fit for visuals, and plenty of space to store them.

Huawei Mediapad

The Huawei MediaPad has a vibrant HD 800p display, with special eye protection modes to avoid eye strain and disrupting sleep – perfect for evening movie time.

It also has 16GB of memory and 2GB RAM, so you can pack in your kids’ favourite apps as well as a few HD movies for after study-hours. Plus, parental controls mean you can make sure your child is safe, all the time.


“How do I know how much internal memory they need”?

If you’re not sure of much internal memory your child will need for all their schoolwork throughout the year, here’s a rough guide:

1GB of space will hold thousands of word documents, while a 2-hour movie will need around 3GB (depending on how good the picture quality is). It totally depends on your child’s needs – an A-Level student saving plenty of essays and presentations will need more than a primary school child using a selection of apps.

The iPad starts at 32GB and goes up to 128GB. The Asus ZenPad has 32GB of storage while the Acer Iconia One has a 16GB memory.

The Android devices may have less memory but – should you need more space – you can add a 128MB microSD card.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Why choose a tablet for schoolwork?

  • Tablets are far lighter than your average laptop, so they can pop snugly into any backpack to be taken anywhere. The Apple iPad, Asus ZenPad and Acer Iconia One weigh 469g, 470g and 530g respectively.
  • Great sound quality makes apps like Spotify and YouTube a real study-break treat. With 1 virtual surround sound, the Asus ZenPad is a real crowd-pleaser.
  • Use apps like Whatsapp or Skype to collaborate on projects with friends…or double-check what page the homework was on!
  • Is your child a budding artist or designer? Turn any Android tablet into a sketchpad with the Microsoft Ink app that lets them draw on screen. It can also be used to scribble revision notes. Apple too has plenty of creative apps available, like Paper.


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