How to revise for GCSEs on a tablet

From scheduling apps to scribbling notes, learn how to turn your tablet into a full-blown GCSE revision tool with our handy guide.

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1.    Get some good revision apps

You can revise on your iPad or Android tablet from pretty much anywhere with the right app. Great revision apps include:

  • Revision App: This app is made by teachers and lets you choose by subject. There are 8,000 past exam papers, 1,000 tutor videos and more. For iPad and iPhone. Get Revision App
  • Gojimo: Aside from a cool name, this app lets you pick from 160,000 revision questions across the main subjects. Take quizzes and measure your answer against detailed explanations. Get Gojimo

 2.    Set a schedule with Exam Pal

Worried about missing an exam? Get your exam dates and times months in advance with the Exam Pal app for iPhone, iPad and Android. With it you can:

  • Search for exam dates across all exam boards
  • Plot your dates into a personalised timetable
  • Add notes for each exam, like when it starts and how long it lasts
  • Sync your exam dates with your iPhone or iPad
  • Set up alerts for reminders up to 1 month before the exam

Get Exam Pal

3.   Sync with your tablet or smartphone calendar

Android and iPad tablets come with great built-in calendars and calendar apps. And you can sync your Exam Pal schedule with your phone or tablet to have the information you need wherever you are so you never miss an exam or revision session.

4.   Buy a wireless keyboard

There’s only so much you can do with a touchscreen. If you want to type properly while revising then you’ll want to add a wireless keyboard to your tablet. Apple makes its own standard wireless keyboard that’s compatible with the iPad, or you can buy one that doubles as a case. There are many other keyboards for both iPads and Android tablets. You’ll be set up and ready to bash out some notes within a couple of minutes.  

5.    Use a good note-taking app

Once you’ve got your wireless keyboard, download the Evernote app and you’ll have the perfect note-taking machine. Evernote works on iPad, iPhone and Android, Mac and Windows. You can clip web articles to your notes, make to-do lists and type relevant quotes. Everything you do will sync across your phone, tablet and laptop. Find out more about Evernote

6.    Check out some digital textbooks

You don’t have to bury your desk in textbooks. Got an iPad? You can work from digital texbooks instead. Apple iBooks Textbooks has lots of interactive resources from Collins, Oxford University Press and more.  Find out more about iBooks Textbooks for iPad

Find the perfect tablet to help with GCSE revision

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