IdeaPad Yoga - the little black dress of laptops

The IdeaPad Yoga is designed to fit the face we wear to the office and its chilled weekend alternative

03 Dec 2012


There's nothing quite like finding the little black dress that suits both the buttoned-down world of work and a Saturday night boogie. Now we can enjoy that same sense of smug self-satisfaction with a range of convertible ultrabooks designed to fit the face we wear to the office and its 'chillaxed' weekend alternative.

Idea Pad Yoga
They call them convertibles because that's what they do, convert from laptops to tablets and back again at the swivel of a hinge, the slide of a screen or the stick of a magnet. The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is one such device, morphing between touchscreen and desktop with the grace of that annoyingly perfect colleague folding herself into the lotus position on her lunch break.

This new breed of convertibles is helping us embrace the year-zero spirit of Windows 8, and reviewers at TechRadar reckon the Yoga is perfectly poised to lead us blinking and squinting along the revolutionary road of tiles and touchscreens.

But why do we need a laptop that turns into a tablet?

Basically, our lives are divided into two distinct worlds. At weekends we're loose-limbed and casual, perusing the papers with croissants and lounging around, while Monday morning sees us suited, booted and devoid of smiles with buttery pastries replaced by soggy, lukewarm toast.

Our private and professional lives can feel as different as hot and cold, light and dark, croissants and soggy toast. They have their own codes, clothes, conduct and language - so it makes sense we have gadgets that cover both.
Until now this meant owning a separate laptop and tablet.

But like the aforementioned LBD that can be accessorised for work and play, the yoga is as flexible as its name suggests, allowing us to smash that work report on the laptop before converting to a tablet for a night on the tiles, Win8 style.

A natty swivel hinge is behind the transformation. At first glance it looks like a regular laptop, but push the screen backwards and you'll end up with a tablet - as well as painful memories of doing the crab in the school playground.
It switches between the two with a Zen-like smoothness, so if you're browsing the web on the sofa and stumble across something that demands further research quickly flip from tablet to laptop and type away.

And what a lovely keyboard it is to type on too. Lenovo has a reputation for laying down keyboards capable of making grown men shed tears of joy and the IdeaPad will likely have your other half dabbing his eyes with Kleenex, if he's lucky enough to have a go, that is.

The island-style keys are ultra-responsive and oddly comforting to hit, letting out a reassuring clickety-clack as your fingers dance along crafting lengthy Facebook statuses when you should be analysing data.

But Windows 8 didn't reinvent the wheel for purely tapping keys. Touchscreen technology is the Diana Ross of Win8, and the IdeaPad is singing in perfect harmony - it's pure Baby Love.

The 10-point multi-touch screen makes sofa shopping and tablet tweeting effortless, with its size perfect for resting on your knee with a brew. While shopping for that killer dual-purpose dress you'll find your pinpoint touches on web pages and menus are as precise as your supervision of the other half's pathetic attempts at cleaning.

You're probably always telling him he can't multi-task either, but at least you'll be able to apply your doing ten-things-at-once mantra to chilling with the laptop. Even when you have multiple apps open, or are shopping on various websites and running video you'll find Win8 remains efficient.

That natty hinge we keep going on about has even more to offer as well. Not only does it turn the Yoga into a tablet, it also works as a handy stand. This is great if he's got the football on and you fancy catching up on Homeland on 4OD. It can also be flipped into a tent mode, which Lenovo reckons is perfect for watching online recipes in the kitchen - viola.

The Yoga is great for those of us who want to flit between laptop and tablet effortlessly, perhaps when their other half nearly catches them shopping for shoes when they're supposed to be working from home.