Introducing the new Surface Book 2

The new Microsoft Surface Book 2 has landed, and it packs a real punch. This sublimely stylish laptop-tablet hybrid powers through tasks with ease and helps bring out your creative side…

28 Nov 2017


Similar in design to the original Surface Book, the highly-anticipated sequel to Microsoft’s first laptop is much more powerful than its predecessor. We get under the skin of the Surface Book 2.

microsoft surface 2

Power to blow your socks off

Okay, it won’t literally blow your socks off, but Microsoft says the Surface Book 2 is up to 5 times more powerful than the Surface Book, so it is pretty impressive, and makes everyday tasks much easier thanks to a 256GB SSD (solid state drive). 

  • Edit photos while running multiple apps in the background
  • Handle complex software such as Adobe Photoshop with ease
  • Say goodbye to buffering and lags

Find out more about SSDs

surface book 2 presentations

Create stunning presentations

Want to get the edge over your colleagues and competitors? Make your work stand out from the crowd with crisp 3D graphics and awesome visuals in rich colours. Clients and your boss can’t fail to be impressed by rotating images that instantly grab the attention of your audience. They’ll be so blown away by the images that they probably won’t even notice if you fluff your lines… 

If you want to write and draw the natural way, why not use the Microsoft Surface Pen to help you create? You can rub away any mistakes and shade with over 4,000 pressure points.

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For even more convenience, team the Pen with the Surface Dial. Twist it around to choose your creative tools and colours, so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing mid-flow. A digital palette, you could say.

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surface book 2 how work play

Adapt to how you want to work or play 

With laptop, studio, tablet and view mode, the Surface gives you four different ways to work and be entertained. To transform the laptop into a tablet, simply detach the screen from the keyboard.

  • Write work reports in laptop mode
  • Sketch and draw in studio mode
  • Play Candy Crush in tablet mode
  • Watch Game of Thrones boxsets in view mode

surface book 2 movie and gaming

Out-of-this-world movie and gaming experiences

The Surface Book 2 plays as hard as it works, bringing movies and games to life in intricate detail. The vibrant PixelSense display allows you to stream Netflix and play your favourite Xbox games with vivid and sharp colours.

It’s also ready for Windows Mixed Reality Ultra experiences. Immerse yourself in VR games when you pair the new Surface with a headset and motion controller.

Extra-long battery power for life on the go 

A laptop that runs out of juice by lunchtime isn’t ideal. The Surface Book 2 keeps on going for up to 17 hours, so a full charge of your device will easily see you through a full day of work in the office as well as keep you entertained on your commute.

The super-slim and lightweight Microsoft Arc Mouse is perfectly designed for using on the go. It connects wirelessly to the Surface Book 2 via Bluetooth and when you’re done, snap it flat and easily slip it into your rucksack.

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Want to take your creations to the next level? The 1TB Platinum version has the latest generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor and huge storage capacity for all your projects.

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