Introducing the world’s thinnest laptop

HP launches the poshest of premium laptops combining ultra-thin design with serious processing oomph...

14 Apr 2016


Long gone are the days when Windows laptops were considered ugly. 

In recent years manufacturers have embraced the bar set by Apple with Windows laptops that look stylish and sophisticated.

But the new HP Spectre is perhaps the sleekest one we’ve seen. It’s not just a pretty face though – it packs some serious power too.

(image source: HP)

If you’re looking for a high-end, sophisticated laptop then read on…

Travel light with the skinniest laptop around

The Spectre claims to be the world’s thinnest laptop – and at 10.4mm thick we’d be hard pressed to argue.

It’s the same thickness as a triple-A battery.

This is a 13-inch laptop that slips into your briefcase or satchel alongside your papers and magazines. A commuter’s dream with its Full HD IPS screen for watching Netflix on your way home.

HP says the screen is perfect for ‘editing photos, perfecting a presentation, or watching a movie’.

It sounds great too thanks to built-in Bang & Olufsen stereo speakers.

Already a design classic?

But it’s not just about the thinness – it’s also a thing of beauty to look at. With its dark grey aluminium and carbon fibre casing it has a sophisticated yet sturdy luxury feel.

It turns heads too with its ‘hidden hinge’ design. Instead of the hinges being surrounded by casing like with other laptops the Spectre’s bronze-aluminium hinge joints are visible and rather ornate.

HP says it has a ‘jewellery-like finish’ and likens it to high-end furniture – we call it serious laptop bling.

(image source: HP)

A super-thin laptop with a super-powerful processor

The Spectre offers some serious oomph for such a slender laptop.

It’s built on the incredibly powerful Intel 6th generation Core processors.

You can run several demanding applications at the same time with the Core i5 processor. Work in massive spreadsheets while streaming Spotify and browsing Facebook, for example.

Or, handle creative projects in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

The Core i7 option offers even more power. Do all of the above and add demanding video editing plus 3D modelling capabilities.

What is the between Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors? 

Pioneering tech = power and portability

It’s unusual for a laptop this thin to have Intel Core processors because they require fans to keep them cool. Other ultra-thin laptops use Intel Core M processors, which are slightly less powerful and don’t need fans.

So how can the Spectre be so thin? It uses smaller, state-of-the-art fan technology to keep its processor cool. It’s what Intel calls ‘hyperbaric cooling’.

HP spokesperson Kevin Frost says: ‘Unlike the majority of other super-thin PCs on the market, this laptop doesn’t compromise power’.

Innovative battery tech also plays its part in keeping this laptop super-thin. The battery is split into two thin sections that sit across the bottom of the laptop.

Connectivity and keyboards to keep you working

Some laptops designed to be incredibly thin lose out on things like connectivity. But with the Spectre you’ll find 3 USB-C ports for plugging in your phone, camera and portable hard drives. These have Thunderbolt support.

Reviewers who’ve had a play with it also say the keyboard is good to type on due to its size and shallow, island-style keys.

It’s important to say that this laptop lacks some of the latest features like a touchscreen or 4K resolution. Nor can it double as a tablet like a 2 in 1. But as far as traditional laptops go, this one looks superb.

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