Is your TV fit for the run in? Top TVs for the football season finale

The 2016/17 football season has been a cracker: can your TV do the final weeks justice?

08 May 2017


FootballThe well-oiled dominance of Chelsea, the flair of Spurs’ young stars, the posturing of some of world football’s biggest managers. The 2016/17 football season has been a cracker. The title may be all but sewn up, but when it comes to the all-important top 4, it’s still all to play for.

Doesn’t such a nail-biting finale deserve a better TV?


See every detail with football in 4K

Some of the best TVs you can buy today are so-called 4K resolution. These give you a much better picture quality than your HD TV, and are in fact capable of packing in 4 times as much detail. 

These TVs are available for much lower prices today. Whereas once they cost thousands, you can get one for under £500 today.

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Sky and BT Sport get the best from your TV

To get the best from your HD TV you need to watch a HD channel, like Sky Sports HD or BBC One HD, and it’s the same with 4K.Watching Sport

Luckily, both Sky Sports and BT Sport broadcast top flight football in 4K. Sky has shown 124 live top flight games this season in Ultra HD. So you can see the title run in with up to 4 times the definition of HD. Football is a fast and colourful game, and you can also enjoy brighter colours (think of those blues skies and green pitches) and smoother handling of fast-paced action.

Games coming up on Sky Sports in Ultra HD include:

7 May – Liverpool v Southampton

7 May – Arsenal v Man Utd

8 May – Chelsea v Middlesbrough

12 May – West Brom v Chelsea

13 May – Man City v Leicester

13 May - Stoke v Arsenal

14 May - Crystal Palace v Hull

14 May - West Ham v Liverpool

14 May - Tottenham v Man Utd

15 May - Chelsea v Watford

16 May - Man City v West Brom

17 May - Southampton v Man Utd

18 May - Leicester v Tottenham


What ‘Wrighty’ says about football in 4K

Pundit and Arsenal legend Ian Wright knows a thing or two about TV football. Ian WrightWe invited Wrighty to watch a match in 4K last season. Here’s what he said:

‘Now I’ve seen 4K I’ve definitely got to get one,’ he says. ‘You can genuinely see the difference in clarity.’

‘Especially when it goes really close you do genuinely look at the faces of the players and even the fans’ faces it is very, very clear.’

‘It has definitely gone to another level, you do genuinely realise that when you’re watching.’


Be ready for next season

However the chips fall in May, there’s always next season. The 2017/18 season kicks off in August, and if this one is anything to go by, we’re likely to be in for another massive treat.

Can Spurs continue to flourish under Pochettino and wrestle top-spot from Chelsea? Will Pep Guardiola’s second season in Manchester reacquaint the former-Barcelona manager with success?

And what about Jurgen Klopp in Liverpool and Jose Mourinho in Manchester? With a new TV in place for August, you’ll be ready to enjoy the action from day one!

See out the season in style with a 4K TV