Lenovo gets flexible in Berlin with convertible laptops

Lenovo launches updated version of its much-loved Yoga – a convertible laptop which switches between laptop and tablet at the swing of a hinge - with an ultra hi-res screen

Bend me, shape me, anyway you want me.

That was the message from Lenovo at IFA Berlin as it unveiled an updated version of its much-loved Yoga - a convertible laptop which switches between laptop and tablet at the swing of a hinge.

Day Two IMG_0138 Close Up Of The Lenovo Yoga Pad 2's Keyboard At IFA Berlin

The new Yoga is more flexible than a contortionist, but pliability shares the limelight with pictures thanks to a stunning screen boasting four times the resolution and four times the brightness.

Convertible laptops burst onto the scene last year as the Windows 8 operating system blurred the lines between touchscreen tablets and mouse-and-keyboard computing.

The first Yoga was one of the most-loved of these convertible devices, and the new YogaPad2 picks up where it left off.

It uses the same flip-and-fold design, so once you've finished writing that essay you can just flip the screen over and enjoy some chill-time in tablet mode - be it online shopping, celeb gossip or fantasy football.

Of course, with the new ultra high-res QuadHD+ display - 3200x1800 - you'll probably also want to check out a movie or watch something on iPlayer.

The whole idea of having a tablet is using it on the go, and Lenovo has made its new Yoga easier to lug around by shaving 10% off the weight and thickness of the original.

It weighs 1.39kg and measures 15.5mm - raise your glasses for the slimmer of the year. A few other natty features also caught our eye.

As well as using your finger tips to control the touchscreen, you can also control some features by talking to the Yoga and waving your hands.

For instance, if you want it to take a picture all your have to do is ask thanks to CameraMan, while YogaChef means you can scroll through recipes by waving your hands - thereby eliminating the quandary of cooking from a recipe on a touchscreen tablet with fingers covered in flour and dough.

Nick Reynolds, executive director of Lenovo Business Group, said: "It is a really wow, really gorgeous product."
YogaPad2 launches in Europe in October at 1299 Euro including VAT.

Lenovo also gave its business-class laptops the Yoga treatment with the ThinkPad Yoga, and launched Flex - another convertible laptop.

Day Two IMG_0128 Lenovo Idea Pad Flex 15 At IFA Berlin

However, Lenovo's IFA show wasn't totally about shape-shifting products.

Way back when at the CES in Las Vegas, in the dark winter days of January, you may remember us prattling on about an all-in-one PC which could be laid on a tabletop and used as a giant tablet. The idea of the Lenovo Horizon was to get the family around the table together to play games and share photos and videos.  

Well, the 27-inch Horizon now has a kid brother - and he's not half as annoying as yours.

The Flex20, is "multi-mode, multi-touch and multi-use", according to Nick.

The 19.5-inch screen is in full HD and switches into table mode instantly when it is laid flat - allowing you to make the most out of the 10 point multi-touch.

Day Two IMG_0125 Lenovo Flex 20 Convertible At IFA Berlin

"It is like something out of minority report," Nick said.

If you're into gaming, joysticks that attach to the screen are a fun option.

Flex20 is 999 Euro including VAT and available in October.

What do you reckon to Lenovo's new products? Would you use a table-top tablet? Let us know in the comments below...