Lenovo launches table-topping tablet at CES 2013

Lenovo has unveiled a whopping 27-inch tablet that can be laid on the table top

08 Jan 2013


Lenovo is striving to drag our family-time kicking and screaming into the touchscreen world with a table PC that at first glance looks like a giant tablet.

13) The Lenovo Horizon Seen In A Prototype Desk That Allows It To Be Tilted Til It 's Vertical

For at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, the firm unveiled a 27-inch table PC which can be laid flat on the table top.
Tablets are amazing, but they're a solitary practise; something we do on our own. Lenovo is hoping to make touchscreen computing something we do together with the IdeaCentre Horizon, which encourages families and friends to get together for gaming and learning touchscreen-style.

The Horizon has been touted among the gadgets of CES 2013 by media all over the world, and there's no wonder; we think it's pretty amazing too. After seeing the Windows 8 table PC online it became one of our must-see gadgets of CES, so when the show opened on Tuesday we endeavoured to struggle through the thousands of tech lovers to get a look at it for ourselves. Were we disappointed? Hell, no.

These days we all want devices that do multiple things. Lenovo has recognised this, and the Horizon can be stood up tall to work as an all-in-one PC. But laying it down flat and getting the family around for a roll of the virtual dice is really where it's at.

It can be difficult to get the kids interested in board games these days, with the rise of amazing hand-held tech making the traditional options more 'bored' games for many of us. But the Horizon offers a novel way to get everyone around the table for some family time, with a Lenovo spokesperson saying it is the 'board game redefined'. Naturally, it's all about multiple users; Lenovo calls it an 'inter-personal' computer.

Multiple users often mean games, and the Horizon comes with a joystick, striker and e-dice, revolutionizing how we play games both digitally and traditionally. EA and Ubisoft are among those providing customised games, with more than 3,000 apps planned overall. To appreciate the vastness of this thing you have to get up close. You could lay about eight iPads across its surface. Laid flat on the table-top, it can respond to 10 fingers swiping its screen simultaneously, while it spans enough surface to get four people around it.

It comes with a battery, but for the Lenovo Horizon, home really is where the heart is. But with your loved ones around you as you enjoy a digital game of Monopoly, there aren't many better places to be.

The table PC will go on sale in the summer and we'll have a video going up on our YouTube channel soon.